Jesus’s Teachings, The Law of One and Others Agree

God's Mind is One Mind Our Mind

This video was taken from the teachings of Jesus, from “A Course in Miracles”, for your contemplation on the idea that there is only one mind and all share that mind even though we appear to have a separate mind in a body. That this world is illusion, a dream in and from our minds, for spiritual learning for the mind to become conscious of its spiritual self and potentialities forgotten. Course teaches, ONENESS IS ONE MIND.

The following is a sampling of the universality of spiritual concepts taken from Jesus’s teachings, the The Law of One, & other writings

Law of One Messengers, Jesus, & Other Invisible Channel Teachings

Although not in entirety in this writing, my intention here is to introduce the universality of spiritual mind messages/teachings that I have studied from different sources starting with the process of thought transference called channeling.  Channeling is said to be the process of how the messages and teachings were received from non-physical beings to physical  beings.            Read More

Jesus's Course and the Law of One Concur Self/Others are One Mind

“Law of One”, was communicated and from extraterrestrials and published as the “Ra Material”. “A Course in Miracles” was dictated from Jesus. Both teachings given by thought transference concur that there is only one mind and all share the one mind with God the creator, in God’s mind.  Read More

Law Messengers, Jesus Say Body Not Real, Mind NOT Physical

Taken from the extraterrestrials’ “Ra Material” containing the “Law of One” about the body, they state (in summary) that, ” The body is the creature of the mind”.  Jesus’s teachings from his course states that, “The body is the symbol of the WHAT YOU THINK YOU ARE. It is clearly a separation device, and therefore does not exist.”  Find out more about what Jesus and the Law of One messengers teach about the body.   Read More

Law of One Messengers, Jesus Agree World's Illusion from Desire

The law messages and the course teachings corroborate that world as understood as physical is “Illusion”.  The extraterrestrials say, “The reason for the illusion is one that man on Earth has generated. He has generated it out of desire.”  In the course Jesus teaches, “Illusions are but beliefs in WHAT IS NOT THERE.” “Nothing occurs but represents your wish, and nothing is omitted that you choose.” To learn more…   Read More