Self We Share Unites All With One another

The Church of God is only the sum of the souls he created, which IS the corporate body of Christ. Christ is God’s Son as He created Him. He is the Self we share, uniting us with one another, and with God as well. He is the Thought Which still abides within the Mind That is His Source. He has not left His holy home, nor lost the innocence in which He was created.  He abides unchanged forever in the Mind of God. HE REMAINS UNTOUCHED BY ANYTHING THE BODY’S EYES PERCEIVE.

The Christ in you inhabits NOT a body. Yet He IS in you. And thus MUST it be that YOU are not within a body. What is within you CANNOT be outside. And it is certain that YOU cannot be APART from what is at the very CENTER of your life. What gives you life cannot be housed in death. NO MORE CAN YOU.

Christ is within a frame of holiness, whose ONLY purpose is that He may be made manifest to those who know Him not; that He may call to them to come to Him, and see Him where they THOUGHT their bodies were. Then will their bodies melt away, that they may frame His holiness in them. No-one who carries Christ in him can fail to recognize Him everywhere. EXCEPT IN BODIES. And, as long as they believe THEY are in bodies, where they think they are, He CANNOT be. And so they carry Him unknowingly, and do not make Him manifest. And thus they do not recognize Him where He IS.

The son of man is NOT the risen Christ. Yet does the Son of God abide EXACTLY where he is, and walks with him ,within his holiness, as plain to see as is his specialness set forth within his body. The body needs NO healing. But the mind that thinks it IS a body is sick indeed! And it is here that Christ sets forth the remedy. His PURPOSE folds the body in His light, and fills it with the holiness that shines from HIM. And nothing that the body says or does but makes HIM manifest. To those who know Him not it carries Him, in gentleness and love, to heal their minds.

Those who are joined in Christ are in no way separate. For Christ is the Self the Sonship shares, as God shares His Self with Christ. For all its parts are joined in God through Christ, where they become like to their Father. For Christ knows of no separation FROM His Father, Who is His One relationship, in which He gives as His Father gives to Him. Behold your Friend, the Christ Who stands beside you.

The ‘enemies’ of Christ, the worshippers of sin, know not Whom they attack. This is your brother. Christ is the link that keeps you one with God, and guarantees that separation is no more than an illusion of despair. For hope forever will abide in Him. Your mind is part of His, and His of yours. He is the part in Which God’s Answer lies; where all decisions are already made, and dreams are over.

Jesus Christ, is the name of one who was a man but saw the face of Christ in all his brothers and remembered God. So he became identified with Christ, a man no longer, but at one with God. The man was an illusion, for he seemed to be a separate being, walking by himself, within a body that appeared to hold his self from Self, as all illusions do.

Yet who can save unless he sees illusions and then identifies them as what they are? Jesus remains a Savior because he saw the false without accepting it as true. And Christ needed his form that He might appear to men and save them from their own illusions. In his complete identification with the Christ–the perfect Son of God, His one creation and His happiness, forever like Himself and One with Him– Jesus became what all of you must be. He led the way for you to follow him. He leads you back to God because he saw the road before him, and he followed it. He made a clear distinction, still obscure to you, between the false and true. He offered you a final demonstration that it is impossible to kill God’s Son; nor can his life in any way be changed by sin and evil, malice, fear or death.

Home of the Holy Spirit, and at home in God alone, does Christ remain at peace, within the Heaven of YOUR HOLY MIND. This is the only part of you that has reality in truth. The rest is dreams. The Holy Spirit reaches from the Christ in you to all your dreams, and bids them come to Him, to be translated into truth. Christ waits for your acceptance of Him as YOURSELF, and His Wholeness as YOURS. For Christ is the Son of God, who lives in his Creator, and shines with His glory.

Learning of Christ is easy, for to perceive with Him involves no strain at all. HIS perceptions are your NATURAL awareness, and it is only distortions that YOU introduce that tire you. Let the Christ in you interpret FOR you, and do not try to limit what you see by narrow little beliefs, which are unworthy of God’s Son. For until Christ comes into His Own, the Son of God will see himself as Fatherless.

Christ abides within your understanding, in the part of you that SHARES His Father’s Will. Blessed is the Son of God, whose radiance is of His Father, and whose glory He wills to share as His Father shares it with Him. Christ’s hand holds all His brothers in Himself. He gives them vision for their sightless eyes, and sings to them of Heaven, that their ears may hear no more the sound of battle and of death. He reaches through them, holding out His hand, that everyone may bless all living things, and see their holiness.

The sight of Christ is all there is to see. The song of Christ is all there is to hear. The hand of Christ is all there is to hold. There is no journey but to walk with Him. Sharing the perfect Love of the Father, the Son must share what belongs to Him, for otherwise He will not know the Father or the Son.

Peace be unto you who rest in God, and in whom the whole Sonship rests. Christ and His Father NEVER have been separate and the Holy Spirit links the other part; the tiny mad desire to be separate, different, and special TO the Christ; to make the Oneness clear to what is REALLY One. In this world, this is not understood, but CAN be taught.

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