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About Us

Hello and Welcome.

My name Shirley Durden-Stone.  I am the founder of Emerald Networkers LLC, its network partnership program “project2gogreen”, and producer of Course Teachings taken from “A Course in Miracles, by Jesus Christ. My only purpose is to help in the betterment of society and share the course, which teaches alternative ideas for spiritual evolution.

Our environment, the foods we eat and the condition of our bodies, relationships, and mental state overall show something needs to change and not just our habits.  But how do we change to something better?  How do we become more that we are now?  How can life be better for everyone?  What can we do to bring about peace in our world, real peace?  What does it really mean to be spiritual and how does being spiritual help the world when the world’s major societies were supposedly built on spiritual principles.  How did we get to where we are today as human beings  collectively?  Is there life elsewhere in the universe?

After years of wondering and searching for answers, I have found a source that satisfies my quest for answers. Now I want to tell the world.  I want to share what I have learned as part of my continued learning process and because the course teaches that sharing is part of the spiritual mind training.

To me, the point of learning is not just for the sake of gaining knowledge to  know, but to be able to incorporate the right knowledge into a thought system and a way of life that will create a world of experience desired. We know we are beings with consciousness of existence and are aware that we have abilities to create but don’t know what we are and the why for this world. We don’t know the real cause behind what we experience, especially that which is not wanted; like disease, poverty, and mental distress. Traditionally, we are not taught that our beliefs and thoughts reflect back to us the world we see and experience. We mostly perceive life as what seems to be happening to us or against us, rather than because of us.

Here, we are dedicated to provide a mechanism of thought provoking teachings to help catapult the mind transformation needed to transform the world. We need unity of consciousness to make this happen.  Emerald Networkers’ Course Teachings can become a source and a connection for integration.

To do this, we invite you to join the study of the ideas and principles in  “A Course In Miracles”.  This is not about practicing religious or occult dogmas. It is a universal spiritual teaching that includes all in this world. Watch the overview of the course in our video, “For Contemplation”.  Course is deep, long and requires full attention and repetitions.  For your added convenience, this website features excerpts of the teachings as individual topics that can be referred to easily and often.  Teachings provided here are not intended to replace original and full document study. Teachings are for designed for individual self-study for introspection and meditation, which are both required for recognition of your inner guidance.

No attempt is made here for any kind of interpretation of scriptures or any other spiritual wisdoms and practices.  Although the content of the course itself makes reference to many biblical teachings, those references are included here only as the course presents them for re-interpretations of meaning and purpose.

As for validation, the validation used and explored for this study is the content itself. There are no proclaimed insights. Course teaches, your “inner guidance system” will ultimately provide YOU with the understanding and validation that you may seek, if you seek validation of the teaching and or author.

We are grateful that you have found us. Because of your interest and access of our site, you have given us an opportunity to give and in turn trust that you will share, as well.

Peace Always,


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