About Us

About Us

Hello and Welcome.

My name Shirley Durden-Stone.  I am the originator of this Emerald Networkers LLC.

My purpose is simply to share and help in creating a better world for everyone.

Our environment, the foods we eat and the condition of our bodies, relationships, and mental state overall show something needs to change and not just our habits.

But how do we change to something better?  How do we become more that we are now?  How can life be better for everyone?  What can we do to bring about peace in our world?  What does it really mean to be spiritual and how does being spiritual help the world when the world’s societies were supposedly built on spiritual principles.  How did we get to where we are today as human beings and the world collectively?  Is there life elsewhere in the universe?

After years searching for answers, I have found answers that are acceptable to me in that they feel true, logical and complete.  I feel my search is over and now I want to tell the world.  I want to share what I have learned as part of my continued learning because of how I feel while reading or studying the course and afterwards.

Has my life changed?  In some ways, but mostly its how I feel and think about life that has changed.  What I think and react to others is different.  The world’s brighter,  more hopeful.  I still have a lot of work to do, but after a lifetime of the world’s programming, it seems it will take some time for me to fully get it.

However, I want to share what I do understand and I want you to feel the joy that I feel when I think about the teachings.  Can’t explain, just want you to have some.  When you come to understand like I believe I have, then you will change.  You will feel the joy.  Something in you will definitely seem different. There maybe even events in your life.

To me, the point of learning is not just for the sake of gaining knowledge to just know, but to be able to incorporate the right knowledge into a thought system and a way of life that will create a world of peace, health and abundance we desire – individually and collectively.

We know we are beings with consciousness of existence and are aware that we have abilities to create but don’t know who we are and the why… for this world. We don’t know the real cause behind what we experience, especially that which is not wanted; like pollution, disease, poverty, and mental distress.

Traditionally, we are not taught that the condition of our minds are reflected back to us the world we see and experience. We mostly perceive life as what seems to be happening to us or against us, rather than because of us.

Emerald Networkers LLC is dedicated to provide a mechanism of thought provoking teachings to help catapult the mind transformation needed to make lives in this world better. We need unity of consciousness to make this happen more quickly.  Emerald Networkers can become a source and a connection for integration.

To do this, we first invite you to join the study of the ideas and principles in  “A Course In Miracles”, a spiritual universal teaching that has been around since the early 70’s. Watch the overview of the teachings on my video, “For Contemplation”.  Course is deep, long and requires full attention and repeats.  For your added convenience, this website features singled ideas or principles called “emeralds”, which can be referred to easily and often.  Website created as another companion for clarity and assistance. Excerpts of course provided here is not intended to replace original and full document.

Secondly, join Emerald Networkers LLC, Project-2 Go Green  Network.

The Network

Purpose of Emerald Networkers LLC network is to provide a “connection” to assist in a collective focus to effect a world we “want” to experience, by unifying our consciousness through intentional attention to a study to demonstrate.  It is a “for-profit business”, sharing spiritual teachings and financial resources through and with the support of Emerald Networkers LLC  “Project-2 Go Green” environmental program.

As the name implies, Emerald Networkers is organized as a partnership networking business.  It was formed simply to provide a system whereby people can help themselves and others, based on the understanding of the teachings in “A Course in Miracles”; you give to receive…. not give to get.  Same system, different motivation.

The network partnership program was created to help members through our revenue generating program,  to help the environment while providing the support and encouragement to study and integrate the teachings. Studying the recommended teachings will unify our consciousness. Joining the network could help be the catalyst to revolutionize our perception.  Right perception will help change the world.


It is our hope that, as this teaching is shared in and outside of the network, unity is expanded by mass consciousness being ignited with the truth.

As more learn the truth about who we are and what this world is for, minds will be transformed with a new awareness that we CAN “think the world better” and do it.

The Teachings is the connection.

So we present a study of spiritual teachings for the transformation of minds, not to expound a dogma or a religion; but so we can learn what “this” is all about, so that we can knowingly contribute to “thinking the world better” and experience it.

No attempt is made here for any kind of interpretation of biblical scriptures or any other spiritual wisdoms and practices.

Although the content of the course itself makes reference to many biblical teachings, those references are included here as in the course in our excerpted, quoted, or abridged, and or rearranged course wisdoms that have NOT been re-interpreted from personal beliefs or assumed understanding of the content.


The validation used and explored for this study was the content. There are no proclaimed insights. Your “inner guidance system” will ultimately provide YOU with the understanding and validation that you may seek, if you seek validation of the teaching and or author.

The teaching ,  “A Course In Miracles” was “channeled from” or dictated by, Jesus Christ of Nazareth.  To learn more about how the course came to be written, click here.  Course mind training workbook lessons book can be downloaded from Here, the URText original unedited manuscript, download from here, or purchase entire course in a hard copy here.

Additionally, Jesus also “channeled” or “dictated” another book called, “Jesus, My Autobiography”, to Tina Louise Spalding. The book was published in 2014. The lessons in the book were written as a companion to, “A Course In Miracles”.

Since the course is large and difficult, lessons in the book were written to make the teachings easier to understand. Get your copy of “Jesus, My Autobiography” from here.

There will be other teachings presented support the teachings so as to help in bettering understanding.

This study lays out a new paradigm which you are invited to explore.

We are grateful that you have found us. Because of your interest and access of our site, you have given us an opportunity to give and in turn trust that you will share.

Take Care,