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Continuing… Jesus’s Course and ETs’ Messages Concur-One Mind

Some years ago, I absorbed an extensive amount of information concerning the “Law of One” from the “David Wilcox Show” on Gaia. On his show, he presents the idea and evidence that could be physical proof that extraterrestrials walked and lived here on earth for a period of time. In the actual Ra Material, which Wilcox reference in his sources, the ETs are accredited as the builders of the pyramids the world still wonders about.

In the Ra Material, the ETs say, their direct contact was unsuccessful as for their purpose and failed their mission to help in the spiritual evolution of mankind. Their teachings were not properly understood and was eventually perverted. They left the surface, but supposedly still remain above and invisible to us, and still transfer thoughts to minds here that are willingly receptive to their messages.

I think I’m willingly receptive (???) but can’t say that I’ve received messages while being aware that I was. Are you? Can you?

Both Jesus and the ETs concur that spirit mind never sleeps, always active, and has other dreams in the spirit world, not necessarily connected to this one. So when conscious part of our split mind sleeps, the spirit part is in direct communication with a life in the spirit world the conscious mind has no idea about. Course and law concur that it is while sleeping when spiritual contact is made if made, this contact is not channeling, as awareness would be involved.

Can’t say that I studied the “Law of One” like I have Jesus’s, “A Course in Miracles”, either. However, I became interested after watching David Wilcox’s show. Referencing the ETs’ use of the term “catalyst”, in the actual Ra Material, the show was the “catalyst” that set me on the path to check out the material further and then Jesus’s spirit/mind training course.

Going back to review the Law now has sparked a new understanding of Jesus’s teachings, which concur with the messages from the exterresterials. Where the “material” seems to deal mostly with how material/physical existence came about and why, the course teachings are exclusively for the spirit/mind; not at all giving details about the body or this world, except teaching that they are illusions.

What I realized after going back to review the “Law of One”, was that Jesus’s course is literally thought training for spirit being. It teaches what our thinking does in relationship to spirit being, which are reflected as form and experiences in this existence and vibration, and what to think to move on from this and why.

The “Law of One” gives the background of the spirit law of the original thought based on their understanding of creation and why we are here in this existence, why we need training or reawakening and what we should do to get it. Jesus’s course insinuates a spirit/mind rebellion, the ETs’ material a spirit/mind experimentation/exploration.

The ETs do a good job of explaining creation and the spirit world, which Jesus’s course concurs, this world came into existence as a tool for the spirit/mind’s experience/reawakening. The course and messages also concur the need to awaken and for acceptance of what we are. Course is very convincing in its teachings of the spirit/mind heritage and that because of what we are, its just a matter of desiring to want to know how to come to accept it, to awaken to knowing it.

Where the course is vague (to me) about why we humans and all the universe came into existence, the Law gives details, making clearer spiritual meaning of terms like “sleeping”, “the veil” “forgetting”, “creation”, “oneness” “light/love”, “reincarnation”, “darkness”, “metaphysical”.

Both course and Law are about learning to recognize self and others as same spirit, as one mind, and to train mind to realize it is the creator from the creator; that the source of this world which is a projection from the mind, is an illusion along with the body.

There’s a lot of doubt concerning the existence of ETs and whether they have or still are visiting us. My thoughts are since world is an illusion, why not? Illusions can be anything. I personally do not doubt the ETs’ existence and their attempt to communicate with us. Quite frankly, my interest is in what they have to say that will help me/us proceed to an alternative/better/less confining level of existence.

I have a lot more to share with you showing the correlations in the teachings, messages and other writings. My purpose: To learn why, how, and the way out of this dimension into the next.  Subscribe or login at,

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