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Ego Dynamics Idea Has No Meaning No Power

Let us begin this lesson in “ego dynamics”, by understanding that the term itself does not mean anything. In fact, it contains exactly the contradiction in terms that MAKES it meaningless. “Dynamics” implies the power to DO something, and the whole separation fallacy lies in the belief that the ego HAS the power to do ANYTHING.

The ego is fearful BECAUSE you believe this. But the truth is very simple; ALL POWER IS OF GOD. What is NOT of Him has no power to do ANYTHING. When we look at the ego, then, we are NOT considering dynamics, but delusions. We can surely regard a delusional system without fear, for it cannot have any effects if its source is not true.

Fear becomes more obviously inappropriate if one recognizes the ego’s GOAL, which is so clearly senseless that any effort exerted on its behalf is NECESSARILY expended on nothing. The ego’s goal is quite explicitly EGO AUTONOMY. From the beginning, then, its PURPOSE is to be separate, sufficient unto itself, and independent of any power EXCEPT ITS OWN. This is WHY it is the symbol of separation. Every idea has a purpose, and its purpose is always the natural extension of what it IS.

Everything that stems from the ego is the natural outcome of its central belief.

The way to undo its RESULTS, is merely to recognize that their SOURCE is NOT natural, being out of accord with your true nature. The ego did NOT arise out of the unconscious. A lower-order perception cannot create a higher-order one, (which is the way you perceive the structure of the psyche if you look at it from the bottom UP) because it doesn’t understand it.

But a higher-order perception CAN create a lower-order one by understanding it in terms of MISperception. The ego IS the belief of the mind that it is completely on its own.  The ego is NOT the self. The ego is nothing more than a PART of your belief about yourselves.

Your other life life has continued without interruption, and has been and always will be totally unaffected by your attempts to dissociate.  The ratio of repression and dissociation of truth varies with the individual ego-illusion, but dissociation is always involved, or you would not believe that you ARE here.

The ingeniousness of the ego to preserve itself is enormous.

It stems from the power of the mind WHICH THE EGO DENIES. This means that the ego attacks WHAT IS PRESERVING IT, and this MUST be a source of extreme anxiety. This is why it NEVER knows what it is doing. This is perfectly logical, though clearly insane. The ego draws upon the one source which is totally inimical to its existence FOR its existence.

Fearful of perceiving the POWER of this source, it is forced to DEPRECIATE it. This threatens its OWN existence, a state which it finds intolerable. Remaining logical but still insane, the ego resolves this completely insane dilemma in a completely insane way. It does not perceive ITS existence as threatened, by projecting when you BELIEVE something you HAVE made true FOR YOU.

The ego is the questioning compartment in the post-Separation psyche which man created for himself. It is capable of asking valid questions, but not of perceiving wholly valid answers, because these are cognitive, and cannot BE perceived.

The ego is opposite in every way and origin (to the Holy Spirit).

Here we find all that is not the ego in this world. Here is the ego’s opposite and here alone we look on what the ego was, for here we see all that it seemed to do, and cause and its effects must still be one. Where there was darkness now we see the light.

What is the ego? What the darkness was. Where is the ego? Where the darkness was. What is it now and where can it be found? Nothing and nowhere.  Now the light has come: Its opposite has gone without a trace. Where evil was there now is holiness. What is the ego? What the evil was. Where is the ego?

In an evil dream that but seemed real while you were dreaming it. What is the ego? Who has need to ask? Where is the ego? Who has need to seek for an illusion now that dreams are gone?  But look at all the aspects of this dream and you will never question any more.

Look at the kindly world you see extend before you as you walk in gentleness. Look at the helpers all along the way you travel, happy in the certainty of Heaven and the surety of peace. And look an instant, too, on what you left behind at last and finally passed by. This was the ego..... all the cruel hate, the need for vengeance and the cries of pain, the fear of dying and the urge to kill, the brotherless illusion and the self that seemed alone in all the universe.

This terrible mistake about yourself the miracle corrects as gently as a loving mother sings her child to rest. Is not a song like this what you would hear? Would it not answer all you thought to ask, and even make the question meaningless? Your questions have no answer, being made to still God’s Voice, which asks of everyone one question only: “Are you ready yet to help Me save the world?”

Ask this instead of what the ego is, and you will see a sudden brightness cover up the world the ego made. No miracle is now withheld from anyone. The world is saved from what you thought it was. And what it is, is wholly uncondemned and wholly pure. It is merely the ego that questions because it is only the ego that doubts.

Death is certain in the ego's world of illusions.  ANY attempt you make to correct a brother, means that you believe correction by YOU is possible, and this can ONLY be the arrogance of the ego.

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