Law Messengers, Jesus Say Body Not Real

The Law of One Messengers and Jesus say the body is not real and the mind can not be made physical, yet the body is a judgment of the mind.

A Course in Miracles was scribed from inner dictation, termed channeling from Jesus of Nazareth in the 70’s. In the course, Jesus teaches, our bodies are projections from a memory bank of our mind. Our mind is our spirit created with the one mind of the creator with limitless free will to create. With and in God’s mind, our mind is always one with his eternal, never can be separated, divided or destroyed.

But here, in this part of creation, with our collective mind locked in this world, we mostly believe differently. We don’t believe that mind is all being and one being and all creation expanding with all other foci that’s real. Most believe that their mind is their brain which is part of the body, and the body dies.

In the course concerning the body, Jesus teaches:

“Only the body makes the world SEEM real,….”

“ALL mind is whole, and the belief that part of it is physical or NOT MIND is a fragmented (or sick) interpretation.”

“Mind CANNOT be made physical, but it CAN be made manifest through the physical if it uses the body to GO BEYOND itself. By reaching OUT, the mind EXTENDS itself. It does not STOP at the body, for if it does it is blocked in its purpose.”

“A mind which has been blocked has allowed itself to be vulnerable to attack, because it has TURNED AGAINST ITSELF. The removal of blocks, then, is the ONLY way to guarantee help and healing. Help and healing are the normal expressions of a mind which is working through the body but not IN it.”

“If the mind believes the body is its GOAL, it WILL distort its perception OF the body ….”

“Perceiving the body AS A SEPARATE ENTITY cannot BUT foster illness, because it is not true.”

“…the body APART from the mind HAS NO PURPOSE AT ALL.”

“You are NOT limited by the body and thought CANNOT be made flesh. But mind can be manifested through the body if it goes beyond it and DOES NOT INTERPRET IT AS LIMITATION.”

“Whenever you see another as limited TO or BY the body, you are imposing this limit ON YOURSELF. Are you willing to ACCEPT this, when your whole purpose for learning should be to escape FROM limitations?”

Taken From "The Law of One…

Extraterrestrial Messengers Say, “Body must be seen, as are all the archetypes of the body, to be a mirror image of the thrust of the activity of the mind. The body is the creature of the mind and is the instrument of manifestation for the fruits of mind and spirit.”

Jesus also teaches:  “The body is the symbol of WHAT YOU THINK YOU ARE.

It is clearly a separation device, and therefore does not exist.”

“The body is a limit imposed on the universal communication which is an eternal property of mind. But the communication is INTERNAL. Mind reaches to ITSELF. “

“This thing you made.. stands between you and other minds. The minds ARE joined, but you do not IDENTIFY with them. You SEE yourself as locked in a separate prison, remote and unreachable, incapable of reaching out as being reached…”

“The belief that bodies LIMIT the mind leads to a perception of the world in which the PROOF of separation seems to be everywhere. And God and His creation seem to be split apart, and overthrown.”

“YOU HAVE ESTABLISHED LIMITS. What you ask IS given you, but not of God Who knows no limits. YOU have limited YOURSELF.”

“You HATE the prison that you made, and would destroy it. The home of vengeance is not yours; The place you set aside to house your hatred is NOT a prison, but an ILLUSION OF YOURSELF.”

” PERSON conceives of himself as separate, largely because he perceives OF himself as bounded by a body. ONLY if he perceives as a MIND can he overcome this. THEN he is free.”


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