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The Extra-terrestrials’, Jesus’, and other messages/teachings featured here, are taken from documented sources stating to have been scribed from mental dictation, or thought transference, a process called channeling, from a spirit or invisible being(s)… NOT GHOSTS.

My intention here is to introduce a sampling of the universality of the messages/teachings that I have studied from different sources starting with the understanding of channeling in relationship to what presented on this website.

In general, “channeling” is as telepathy, except telepathy is thought transference from one mind to another mind, both in physical existence. Channeling is thought transference from a spirit mind, or a spirit mind complex, or beings of a higher vibration/dimension from the spirit/invisible realm to a mind in physical existence. These are not hauntings by disembodied spirits or spirit possession. Those concepts are not associated in these teachings, except that mind can believe whatever… the true and the false. However, for channeling, conscious permission is always given, and is always a desire or will and vibration of the scribe(s).

In order to transfer thoughts above or below there has to be a common atmosphere in which transference can be made. Seems to make sense, the idea of one mind in which all communication is carried out; whether in the physical or the spirit realm. Obviously, our mind is with the physical existence, a world most believe real, love and hate.

However, since world mostly teaches beliefs of world; what can be seen or proven, who would know more about the spirit mind than a spirit communicating the lessons to be learned for the spirit mind from the spirit realm. After all, everything in world comes to a demise, leaving what? The mind, your spirit of the one mind.

Do I really believe all this? Yes!!! Called me gullible or whatever, but yes and believing it is exactly why I am sharing it with you. Just sharing and not assuming that you don’t know already, if so, I trust that these teachings will further your enlightenment.

Below are excerpts from Jesus’s “A Course in Miracles” (channeled in the 70’s), The ETs’ “The Law of One-Ra Material” (channeled in the 80’s), and Phylos, the Thibetan’s autobiography, “A Dweller on Two Planets” (channeled 1884-94).

Not trying to prove anything, just doing what we do…. share ideas for unity of thought… consciousness of unity.  You can believe it or not. Accept or Reject it. It is your mind.

I have a lot more to share with you showing the correlations in the teachings, messages and other writings. Purpose:  Learning why, how, and the way out of this dimension into the other.  Subscribe or login at,

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