From the Book, The EXPLORER RACE

You were created as a species, a source being. You are the creator's body. In order to deal with the most difficult problems, the creator calls on the most advanced and experienced souls. He/she/it will program the souls in the intended ways, and those souls will deliver.  You have been blessed with this duty. Everybody wanted to go, but only some were needed and allowed.

Those in this experiment to resolve the unresolvable problems karmic and otherwise, from other points in your universe will find yourselves, as souls, after the closure of the experiment, will return to the time before the time, to do literally anything you want.

[It is understood], the creator desires to become more, and when the creator moves up, somebody carry on. That is what you get to do. This is an aspect of the creator, you don't know you are being trained for.

You will all combine in time and become the sum knowledge. You will bring the knowledge of all that happened in the third dimension.  As you move into becoming and recombining as a mass soul unit, you will become the creator so that the creator can move on. You are like the vice president who moves up to be president.

So you are in training to do all that the creator has done so that the creator, in its sum total of consciousness, can take all of what it will need in its next experience and leave all that it will not need to those who will carry on in its place. You will become the creator.   Explorer Race Book 1 – p 518-519      CLICK HERE TO GET THE BOOK!

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