The Keys Needed for the Kingdom of Heaven.

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The Keys Needed for the Kingdom of Heaven is taken from the teachings of celestials, said to the be the contributors of the “Urantia Papers”.  Within the papers we are told the kingdom of heaven, as envisioned by Jesus, seem to have fallen short on earth, with an external church taking its place. However, it’s crucial to understand that the church is just a steppingstone towards the true spiritual kingdom that will prevail through this material age and beyond into a more profound spiritual era.

The keys to unlocking the kingdom of heaven are sincerity and sincerity.

It is unwavering sincerity and even more sincerity. These keys are within the grasp of every individual. By making sincere decisions, one can elevate their spiritual status and progress on the path towards the divine. The pinnacle of moral excellence lies in choosing the highest values and, above all, aligning one’s will with that of God. Such a choice elevates a person to greatness, regardless of their status in the universe or on earth.

The kingdom of heaven is not some distant concept but a personal journey towards realizing the elevated qualities of spiritual existence. These spiritual truths are gradually manifested in our daily lives as we strive to live in alignment with the divine will.

Embracing sincerity, making righteous decisions, and choosing the path of spiritual growth are the keys to unlocking the profound experiences of the kingdom of heaven.

The kingdom of heaven is man’s personal experience realizing higher qualities of living.

These realities of the spirit are progressively translated to new and higher levels of divine certainty and eternal grandeur.

Jesus’ teachings on faith and the kingdom emphasize the importance of approaching God with childlike trust and a thirst for righteousness. He encouraged his followers to have a humble and open-minded attitude, like that of a little child, willing to receive the gift of sonship and submit to the Father’s will without hesitation. This genuine trust in God’s wisdom and willingness to set aside prejudices and preconceptions are essential for entering the kingdom of God.

Furthermore, Jesus emphasized the need for a sincere desire for righteousness and a willingness to change one’s mindset to align with God’s will. By seeking to be like God and to find Him, individuals can enter into a personal relationship with God and strive for individual righteousness.

This concept of personal fellowship with God and dedication to His will forms the foundation of the spiritual brotherhood that Jesus taught his followers to embrace.

In essence, Jesus’ teachings on faith and the kingdom emphasize the transformative power of faith, humility, righteousness, and a deep connection with God. By embodying these qualities, individuals can enter into the kingdom of God and become part of a spiritual community dedicated to living out the Father’s will.

The “Urantia Papers” celestials tell us, “Mistake not! there is in the teachings of Jesus an eternal nature which will not permit them forever to remain unfruitful in the hearts of thinking men.”

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