Ego’s Mind Not Open to Heaven, but Hell.

Souls in Hell

This teaching, “Ego’s Mind Not Open to Heaven, but Hell” tells us the worldly ego is not receptive to the teachings of heaven, which offer eternal life, as much as it is to the notions of hell and death. Heaven, often referred to as the “Kingdom of Heaven,” is not a physical place within the cosmos, for the cosmos is within the mind, and the mind pervades all, encompassing various mental states and planes of existence, for “life is, of and lived in mind”.

ACIM, short for “A Course in Miracles” said given from Jesus Christ tells us; “[…] your function in this world is healing, and your function in Heaven is creating. Heaven is union, direct, perfect, and without the veil of fear.

The ego teaches that your function on earth is destruction, and that you have no function AT ALL in Heaven. It would thus destroy you here, and bury you here, leaving you no inheritance except the dust out of which it thinks you were made.

While it is reasonably satisfied with you as its reasoning goes, it offers you oblivion. When it becomes overtly savage, it offers you hell. Yet neither oblivion nor hell is as unacceptable to you as Heaven. For your definition of Heaven IS hell and oblivion, and the REAL Heaven is the greatest threat you think you COULD experience. For hell and oblivion are ideas which YOU made up, and you are bent on DEMONSTRATING their reality, TO ESTABLISH YOURS.

If THEIR reality is questioned, you believe that YOURS is.

For you believe that ATTACK established your reality, and that your DESTRUCTION is the ultimate proof THAT YOU WERE RIGHT.

Under the circumstances, would it not be MORE DESIRABLE to have been wrong, even apart from the fact that you WERE wrong.

For while it could perhaps be argued that death suggests there WAS life, no one would claim that it proves there IS life. And even the PAST life, which death might indicate, could only have been futile if it must come to this, and NEEDS this to prove that it WAS.

You question Heaven, but you do NOT question this. You could heal and be healed if you DID question it. And even though you know not Heaven, might it not be more desirable than death?

The ego mind not open because you have been as selective in your questioning your perception.

“An open mind is more honest than this.”

Once again, the teachings from “ACIM” remind us that this world’s rule of egos as a deceptive force, seeks to dismantle our essence and consign us to a fate devoid of any legacy, save for the mere dust from which it erroneously believes we came forth.

Jesus’ teachings tell us, while the ego may temporarily pacify us with the notion of oblivion, it ultimately coerces us towards a path of desolation. It dangles the threat of hell, all the while insidiously distorting perceptions of Heaven. It manipulates understanding, equating Heaven with torment and nothingness, when the true Heaven poses the most formidable challenge to the illusions being experienced.

The concepts of hell and oblivion are mere fabrications of our human mind, for which most steadfastly pursue to validate their existence, which is a misguided attempt to fortify the ego’s reality.

ACIM tells us, “You do NOT have to know that Heaven is yours, to MAKE it so. It IS so.”

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