Jesus, Law Messengers Concur, All is One Mind.

“Law of One” from extraterrestrial messengers and “A Course in Miracles” from Jesus, concur that there is only one mind and all share the one mind with God and within God’s mind. The messengers of the “Law of One” published as the “Ra Material” concur with Jesus’s “A Course in Miracles”, that world is illusion, the body not real, time non-existent, and all are just tools for the desired experiences of spirit/mind, to manifest desires of experiences in the illusion.

Both Jesus’s course and the extraterrestrial messengers’ material concur that our conscious mind is locked in the illusion while believing it’s real, while spirit mind sleeps in this world until awaken if awaken at all. Although not active in this experience, the spirit/mind could be if desired to be known, or recognized. But until consciously accepted, it’s unrecognized and forgotten, but still active in the spirit world of creation.

The above is a gross generality of the concurrences, but further still they concur that this existence is a incarnative choice, a purposeful detour away from a spirit reality that is not necessary or required at all, as a spirit being.

“A Course in Miracles” was given by Jesus’s spirit/mind from the spirit realm to professors at a medical psychology department at a university in the 70’s. They documented their communications and presented it as the manuscript, lessons, manuals and special messages.

The “Law of One” messages were given to physicists/scientists/researchers who spent considerable time seeking contact with UFOs, and with persistent effort were able to in the 80’s. Communications commenced with a contact from extraterrestrials, called “Ra”, from a higher vibration or density. Their communications were also recorded and documented in manuscripts and books. The material and updates are featured on their website at,

It should be noted here that background of scribes and their authenticity, was not a consideration and not considered to be relevant as none give credit to self as source for what has been provided.

Both Jesus’s course and the extra-terrestrials’ material were received by a method of mental communication or inner dictation from the metaphysical realm from non-physical beings. This is not by the appearance of a ghost or apparition, but by thought transference in dreams, in trance or deep meditation. Both teachings and messages are very expansive, extensive; mind boggling is a more accurate description for me.  CONTINUE READING  

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