“You Don’t Know How to Celebrate Christmas”

This teaching about Christmas is a different teaching that explains that Christmas is really about the recognition of “Christ”, the mind of our unity and spirit. This is always a “now” phenomena, at which time the gift of acceptance and appreciation for each other can be given a reality that can be celebrated anytime. Focus of all teachings is on what we are and what we are to each other. We are to learn about ourselves by learning about our creator, our creation, our minds, our thinking psychology, understandings of this world and our place in the universe.

According to the teachings said to be from Jesus, Christmas time relates to or should translate to, “A Time for Christ”. If we were taught and understood the truth of the significance of Jesus’ birth, would we celebrate Christmas as we do? What is the truth of Jesus’s teachings?

The celestials agree with Jesus’s teachings on our oneness and in the Urantia Papers, they tell us, “As the original teachings of Jesus penetrated the Occident (western hemispere-Europe), they became occidentalized (transformed/changed), and as they became occidentalized, they began to lose their potentially universal appeal to all races and kinds of men.”

“Christianity, today… has long since ceased to be the religion of Jesus…. “It has glorified Jesus as the Christ, the Messianic anointed one from God, but has largely forgotten the Master’s personal gospel: the Fatherhood of God and the universal brotherhood of all men.” 98:7.11 (1084.10) -Urantia 2377

Jesus’s teachings we are given today still teach of the “Fatherhood of God and the universal brotherhood of all men”. He tells us in this video that the celebration should be because of our oneness, of our acceptance of that oneness, which is the only real gift we can give each other. To accept the gift is to accept each and all others as our [br]others. Watch the video to awaken your mind and learn what Christmas should be celebrated about according to the teachings from Jesus.

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KBRsfGV2dYA[/embedyt]