Teachings Teach You’re Not the Body, but the Mind.

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In “A Course in Miracles, we are told we are not our bodies but one spirit body with the same mind.

In “A Law of One”, we are told each of us is a complex spirit being, created with a mind, body and spirit as an individual, but with same mind in one mind of law and communication.

“The Urantia Papers” tell us we are one type of creation, unique from previous creations existing in other universes. We were created with the human mind¬† and given a fragment of the divine spirit and the one mind of our creation, to ascend from a physical creature, to an immortal spirit being in eternity as all other creations of entities ascending, but with the purpose and function to create, as well as experience to learn.

There’s a myriad of different teachings speaking to us of our bodies, emotions, behavior, and thought. There are psychological, religious, and mystical teachings, rituals, commandments, and dogmas of the past on how to get along with each other and live in this world; how to appease a god to get what’s wanted, even for a good and long life.

Although present world of societies seem to be moving toward more ease of life and unity; that is, getting along and accepting each other better, this world is still far from being united.

Most teachings seem to be worthless in practical application, and or misunderstood or not understood at all. Few seem to be aware and few seem to want to know of self, that is the self that came and will leave this world, at some point in time. In fact most do not want to leave this world, regardless of how existing in it and what is being experienced. Most seem afraid of the inevitable.

In “A Course in Miracles”, we are told, the problems of the world and with each other is only one and that is, we don’t know what we are, hence we don’t know what the world is to us, and to each other. It teaches, we must come to realize or at least accept the possibility of being something other than what we believe we are, for preparation for next level of existence and training. Whose the training for?

We’re told, can’t be be what you are, if you believe you are, what you are not. What we believe about ourselves is what we feel and demonstrate as a being. The teaching is having and being is the same. So what are we that’s being that we have, and why are we as we are?¬† Video narrative gives an answer to think about.

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