World Seen is Illusion of World in Isolation

The world you see is an illusion of a world.

It is a state of isolation, which SEEMS to be what it is NOT. God did not create it, for what He creates must be eternal as Himself. There is nothing in the world you see that will endure forever.  Some things will last in time a little while longer than others.  But the time will come when all things visible will have an end. The world is false perception. It is born of error, and it has not left its source. It will remain no longer than the thought which gave it birth is cherished.

The body’s eyes are therefore not the means by which the real world can be seen, for the illusions that they look upon must lead to more illusions of reality.  And so they do.  For everything they see not only will not last, but lends itself to thoughts of sin and guilt.  While everything that God created is forever without sin and therefore is forever without guilt.

This world IS the opposite of Heaven, having made to BE its opposite.

EVERYTHING here takes a direction EXACTLY opposite to what is true.  In Heaven, where the meaning of love is known, love is the same as UNION. Here, where the ILLUSION of love is accepted IN ITS PLACE, love is perceived as separation and EXCLUSION.

My holy brothers, think of this awhile; the world you see does nothing. It has no effects at all. It merely represents your thoughts. The world may seem to cause ….. And yet the world, as causeless, has no power to cause. As an effect it cannot make effects. As an illusion it is what you will. Your idle wishes represent its pains.

Your strange desires bring it evil dreams. Your thoughts of death envelop it in fear, while in your kind forgiveness does it live. The world was made as an attack on God. It symbolizes fear. And what is fear except love’s absence? Thus the world was meant to be a place where God could enter not, and where His Son could be apart from Him. Here was perception born, for knowledge could not cause such insane thoughts. But eyes deceive, and ears hear falsely.

Now mistakes become quite possible, for certainty has gone. The mechanisms of illusion have been born instead. And now they go to find what has been given them to seek. Their aim is to fulfill the purpose which the world was made to witness and make real.

They see in its illusions but a solid base where truth exists, upheld apart from lies. Yet everything that they report is but illusion which is kept apart from truth. What have you done that this should be your world? What have you done that this is what you see? Deny your own identity and this is what remains.

The world you see is based on SACRIFICE of ONENESS.

It is a picture of a COMPLETE disunity and total LACK of joining. Around each entity is built a wall so seeming solid that it looks as if what is inside can never reach without, and what is out can never reach and join with what is locked away within the wall. Each part must SACRIFICE the other part to keep itself complete. For if they joined, each one would LOSE its own identity, and BY their separation are their selves maintained.

The little that the body fences off BECOMES the self, preserved through sacrifice of all the rest. And all the rest must LOSE this little part, remaining incomplete to keep its own identity intact. You look on chaos and proclaim it as yourself. There is no sight that fails to witness this to you. There is no sound that does not speak of frailty within you and without; no breath you draw that does not seem to bring you nearer death; no hope you hold but will dissolve in tears.

When the thought of separation has been changed to one of true forgiveness, will the world be seen in quite another light; and one which leads to truth, where all the world must disappear and all its errors vanish. Now its source has gone, and its effects are gone as well.

Deny your own identity and you will not escape the madness which induced this weird, unnatural and ghostly thought which mocks creation and which laughs at God. As sight was made to lead away from truth, it can be redirected. Sounds become the call of God. And all perception can be given a new purpose by the One Whom God appointed Savior to the world. Follow His light and see the world as He beholds it. Hear His Voice alone in all that speaks to you. And let Him give you peace and certainty, which you have thrown away, but Heaven has preserved for you in Him.

When you have seen this real world, as you will surely do, you WILL remember us. But you must learn the cost of sleeping, AND REFUSE TO PAY IT. Only then will you decide to awake. And then the real world will spring to your sight, for Christ has never slept. He is waiting to be seen, for He has never lost sight of YOU. He looks quietly on the real world, which He would SHARE with you, because He knows of the Father’s love for Him. And knowing this, He would give you what is yours.

Let us not rest content until the world has joined our changed perception. Let us not be satisfied until forgiveness has been made complete. And let us not attempt to change our function. We must save the world. For we who made it must behold it through the eyes of Christ, that what was made to die can be restored to Everlasting Life.

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