God’s Existence Beyond Demonstration

The existence of God is utterly beyond all possibility of demonstration, except for the contact between the God-consciousness of the human mind and the God presence of the Thought Adjuster (God's spirit) that indwells the mortal intellect and is bestowed upon man as the free gift of the Universal Father.

God-consciousness is equivalent to the integration of the self with the universe. On its highest levels of spiritual reality. Only the spirit content of any value is imperishable.

The projections of the human intellect may indeed originate false gods, gods in man’s image, but the true God-consciousness does not have such an origin.

God consciousness is resident in the indwelling spirit. Many of the religious systems of man come from the formulations of the human intellect, but the God-consciousness is not necessarily a part of these grotesque systems of religious slavery.

God is not the mere invention of man’s idealism. God is the very source of all such super-animal insights and values.

God is not a hypothesis formulated to unify the human concepts of truth, beauty, and goodness; he is the personality of love from whom all of these universe manifestations are derived. The truth, beauty, and goodness of man’s world are unified by the increasing spirituality of the experience of mortals ascending toward Paradise [spiritual] realities.

The unity of truth, beauty, and goodness can only be realized in the spiritual experience of the God-knowing personality.  Taken from Urantia Papers.

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