World is for Mind’s Evolution

Teachings are taken from "A Course in Miracles", by Jesus Christ. It is a teaching to awaken our human minds to God's spirit in our minds.  We are told that our human mind is in training to evolve to a total immortal spirit  given the identity of being , God's sons, "Sons of God", God's children... "Gods".

Existence and experiencing this world is for mind evolution for spiritual attainment to an understanding and expression of the meaning of God's love.  The training is from the fragment of God's spirit, a gift which we are told is literally in our mind.

The spirit in our mind does not need training, but the physical mind does.

It is taught by the celestials who gave us the "Urantia Papers" that the gift was given to intellectual potential evolving created energy forms. For our creation, our evolutionary energy pattern, our minds were given a special endowment by God directly himself.  So within our created mind of our creation,  along with his volitional gifts we were given a special endowment of a fragment of his spirit in our spirit mind from our creator, "Christ".

In the course, Jesus teaches that it is because of God's gift, we are what we are and are immortal with our creator's mind, Christ, in the mind of God. This is what makes us "Children/Sons of God".  As such,with our spirit, our mind manifests forms and experiences as illusions, projections and perceptions from within the mind. Life is only lived in mind.  For the mind's training to be able to create this world, God's gift was placed unconscious, denied, unrecognized and feared creating experiences of being and in illusion, believing illusion real.

With our creative abilities gone awry, we manifest this world and an ego existing temporarily, as dreams are not eternal reality, and with mind of soul asleep dreaming, mind is unconscious of it's spirit/soul self's identity and reality of the real world created for us.

Learn more about who and what we are and why we are unconscious of true self.  See video teaching, "Strange Lesson Powerful Enough to Render God Forgotten".

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