World Began With Strange Lesson So Powerful to Render God Forgotten

This World Began With A Strange Lesson Made to Forget God

Video Recap

All Creation is invisible to physical eyes, therefore all physical worlds are illusions. Physical manifestations, according to the extraterrestrials, are ideas of particular concepts for particular experiences for spirit-mind of soul to become consciously aware of self, as cause of experiences in this, past and future worlds.

To experience this world as we do, both teachings say we learned to learn and learned to sleep partially to separate our mind to "forget" what we are and God..., to be what we are not, to rediscover what is hidden in the illusion what was already created perfect, which is our soul.

In the course, Jesus teaches that collectively, we are the "Son of God", created perfect with no need for anything. This world we made to create experiences, to learn opposites, to rediscover self as the creator. Jesus calls the lesson plans, scripts. The extraterrestrials call the lesson plans, catalysts. The lessons are stimuli they say each person planned to experience and made agreements before incarnation to experience this world of illusions as we do. The lessons or catalysts serve as stimulus to awaken consciousness of our spirit beingness as the cause of experiences and this world.

This sleep is called the veil of forgetting, or "the veiling" by the extra-terrestrials. Jesus agrees with the Extraterrestrials, that the sleep or veiling is a choice of free will given by infinite creator, God.

Jesus and the extra-terrestrials say, although the conscious mind is asleep to spirit abilities and creation, the subconscious or super-conscious mind never sleeps and is still creating.

The extra-terrestrials say, what's learned that's real from the experiences, become part of higher self which becomes co-creator of the creation of experiences.

Jesus says we have learned the lessons overly well, and again and again, but are stuck in the illusion by guilt. He teaches we can move on from this experience by learning the simple lessons given by him of forgiveness of self and others; by perceiving others as self, and self and others as the "Christ self" and as guiltless "Sons of God".

Watch and read along with video, or just listen for details concerning the lesson that rendered God forgotten. You will be amazed and enlightened. Check out our other teachings to learn more.

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