Difference Between Being and State of Being

The being of a man is all that he is. Many things enter into being.


You can be more conscious or more asleep, more divided or more whole, more interested in some things and less interested in other things; you can lie more or lie less, dislike lying or lie without any embarrassment, be more consistent or less consistent, have a feeling of mechanicalness or not. You may have no great conflicts in yourself, or you may consist of conflicts, have comparatively few negative emotions or be immersed in negative emotions.

Understanding is a complex interplay between one’s knowledge and their state of being. When you comprehend something, it is the culmination of what you know and who you are. This understanding is shaped by your experiences, both in terms of knowledge and personal growth.

Distinction between being and the state of being is crucial.

The distinction between being and the state of being is crucial. The being of an individual encompasses all aspects of their existence. It includes their level of consciousness, unity, interests, honesty, consistency, sense of authenticity, and emotional state. One’s being can vary in terms of these attributes, leading to different states of being.

Essentially, understanding is a beautiful dance between what we know and who we are. Our experiences shape this dance, influencing the depth of our comprehension based on our level of awareness, authenticity, consistency, and emotions.

When we talk about the state of being, we’re looking at how our actions flow together. If there’s too much contradiction, it shows a lack of strength in our being.

It’s important to recognize that inconsistency can make our knowledge less reliable. Focusing solely on either knowledge or being leads to negative outcomes.

Being encompasses our ability to take action, while knowledge serves as a helpful guide. To transform ourselves, we need to understand our current state, which is where knowledge plays a crucial role.

As we unravel the essence of our being, we uncover how to navigate our journey of self-discovery and growth. It’s a beautiful process of learning what resonates with our true selves and how to align our actions with our inner essence.

As we begin to understand the state of our being, we begin to learn what to do with ourselves.

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