Course Teachings are based on “A Course In Miracles” by Jesus Christ . See Overview.

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This video gives an overview of the teachings in “A Course In Miracles”, accepted as the true teachings of revealed mysteries from Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Everything presented was curated from the unedited manuscript, with correlating excerpts from the book, “Jesus, My Autobiography”, by Tina Louise Spalding. Books can be purchased from :

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The following excerpt summarizes the course’s purpose.

“This is a course in how to KNOW yourself. You have TAUGHT what you are, but have NOT let what you are, teach YOU. You have been VERY careful to avoid the obvious, and NOT to see the REAL cause and effect relationship that is PERFECTLY apparent. Yet, within you, is EVERYTHING you taught. What can it be, that has NOT learned it? It must be this that is REALLY outside yourself, NOT by your own projection, BUT IN TRUTH.”

Course is long and deep, requiring focused attention and repeated repetition of studying.  The ideas it teaches are not traditional and are not always clear or understandable without the desire to want to understand more.  If you want to learn more, see our other teachings here.


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