When You Attack You Attack Yourself

Video-Attack is Self-Attack on Identity

All Attack is Self-Attack on Identity


Mind Not in Body and Cannot Attack

The teachings presented here expound that our minds are unified, each individuated with personality inheriting deity status as the "Sons of God." This forms a brotherhood sharing one spiritual body with the same function and purpose. God's spirit is described as a volitional gift bestowed upon all human minds, equally endowed with the same abilities. In "A Course in Miracles, Jesus is quoted as saying, "All attack arises from the OWN decision NOT to be what you are." We are essentially spirit beings, dreaming of being/having bodies in time. An attack on anyone is seen as a denial of God's gift, which grants us consciousness and immortal-eternal life, in favor of the belief in the death of the self within a body. We are informed that the mind is not within the body and cannot attack, but it uses the belief of being a body to dream of attacking. Thinking and dreaming, functions of the spirit within the mind, are the means through which we experience and express our beliefs and desires. The teachings assert that when we attack, we deny our spirit, which is God's gift to us, since each of us is a child of God, and God, as the father, is always with us. Therefore, an attack on another is, in reality, an attack on the shared self.




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