When You Attack

Video-Attack is Self-Attack on Identity

All Attack is Self-Attack on Identity


Mind Not in Body and Cannot Attack

Teachings featured here expounds; our minds are only one, individuated with personality and God's spirit called, "Sons of God", a brotherhood created one spirit body with same function and purpose. God's spirit of himself was a volitional gift given to all our human minds, equally with same abilities. Jesus tells us, "All attack arises from OWN decision NOT to be what you are."  What we are, are spirit beings dreaming being bodies in time. Attack on anyone is a demonstration expressing the denial of God's gift of himself giving us consciousness and immortal-eternal life, for the belief in death of the self as and in a body. We're told, mind is not in body and cannot attack, but uses the belief of being a body to dream of attacking. Thinking dreaming, a spirit function of the mind, are the means by which we experience and express our beliefs/desires. Teachings tells us we deny our spirit, God's gift of himself when we attack, since each of us is a child spirit being God himself and God being the father always with us, his children. Therefore, an attack on another is in reality, an attack on the self we all share.

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