You Are the Treasure of God

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All teachings provided here are ideas/concepts that have been expounded over hundreds of years, from a variety of different sources.  These sources are correlated metaphysical and spiritual teachings relating to our spiritual reality and history.

What should be understood is that our spirituality is a function and identity of our mind - being, which we are told we are grossly misinformed about.  To see self as our mind is the way to our spirituality, because God's spirit resides in our mind, also spirit.

This video features the biblical teaching, the "prodigal son", as told in "A Course in Miracles".  According to Jesus' course and other correlating teachings, the Universal Father, the source of all, created only one eternal son, from whom all souls were created and our souls, as one-of-a-kind spirit mind-body-complex called Christ, "Sons of God".  Christ, the son is part of God as our souls are part of Christ.  Jesus tells us in his course, "God created nothing beside you, and nothing beside you exists, for you are part of Him." "What he values IS valuable. There can be no question of its worth, because its value lies in God’s sharing himself with it and establishing its value forever."

God having created our minds/souls with his spirit, is the gift he gave our creation of himself for consciousness, immortality and creator abilities. This gift of his spirit is our mind, our being, and also our treasure, as our creation of being is his. Watch the video to learn more.

You Are the Treasure of God

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