Learning Device is Not a Teacher

A Learning Device Can't Tell You How You Feel

This video teaching, “A Learning Device is Not a Teacher” is taken from “A Course in Miracles”. Like all the teachings featured on this website, this teaching provides and support that “we are not bodies”.

Body is Vessel for Mind Training  

From this teaching, we are to keep in mind that our body, though not a teacher and is not what tells us how we feel, is nevertheless, a remarkable vessel for learning and growth.  It serves only as a tool for communication and expressions with each other.

However, it is important to recognize that the body does not and cannot communicate “how” we feel or guide us towards optimal health or anything else. Instead, the interpretation of the body’s purpose lies solely established by the decision made by the self of mind. This decision of your “self” is based on what you believe you are, your self-identification.

Body Does Not Possess Own Purpose

Teachings expound it is crucial to understand that the body does not possess its own inherent purpose. It is not the ultimate goal or destination for our soul’s existence nor being. The personality of the ego, however often misguided, perceives the body as an end in itself. This mistaken belief leads to a detachment from the body’s true function.

Body’s True Purpose for Self-discovery

In reality, the body’s true purpose is to support our journey of self-discovery while in this world during this particular time. It is with the body that we engage in the world to learn and grow individually spiritually. By recognizing this, we align our interpretations of the body’s functions with our overall well-being and experiences.

It is taught that rather than solely relying on the condition of body to dictate how we feel, it is essential to consider that our mental, emotional, and spiritual environments are interconnected with our physical state.

While our body plays a role in what we do feel, it is important to remember that it is not the teacher of our mind, our spirit self. Its functions are subject to interpretation, and its true purpose.

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