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Spiritual Concepts for Gods in Training

“You Are Gods, but are very young Gods.”

This writing is based on teachings taken from “A Course in Miracles” by Jesus Christ, “The Law of One” by stellar messengers (extraterrestrials), and “The Urantia Papers” by celestial beings.  This is a correlation in teachings relating to “what we are”.  What they teach is, we are Gods in training in a temporary world, for eternal existence.  Learn how their teachings relate.  Read More

Mind Not Material But Spirit…

Course Teachings is based on “A Course in Miracles” by Jesus Christ, a mind-training course to awaken conscious mind to spirit mind.  The course provides the teachings and lessons for the training.  Jesus teaches this world and our bodies are not real and life is all in mind. Using Jesus’s teachings as the basis for broader understandings, teachings from celestials in “The Urantia Papers” is an addition to. Read More

Celestials Tell Us About Our Mind

These Celestials were assigned to the task of informing us about our spiritual heritage. They tell us about our universe creation, the origin of our physical creation, spirit, mind, and destiny.  Their teachings produced as “The Urantia Papers”, now sold as “The Urantia Book” gives details of the spirit world and ourselves that Jesus and the extraterrestrials only allude to in their teachings. From a cosmic view, learn here what the celestials tell us about our “mind”.   Read More

Celestials’ View on Man’s Religion

Between 1934-1955, “The Urantia Papers” came to be.”The Papers” are also known as “The Urantia Book. Its publishers do not name an author, but present it as being written directly by numerous celestial beings. In the book, “Urantia” is the cosmic name of our world, planet earth. The book discusses the the mysteries of God, mankind’s place in the universe, our relationship to God, who Jesus was, and much more.  Meantime, CLICK HERE   to find out what the celestials’ view is on man’s religions.

Man’s Religion Teaches the Denial of God

This teaching is part of the series, “Jesus’s “A Course in Miracles” debunks man’s religion and reinterprets the Christian-Judaeo teachings”. Everyone I know and speak to of the teachings responds as if it is about religion, and is not really interested. There was a time when I would have ignored it too assuming wrongly. However, I can assure you the teaching is not about advocacy of any religion, and certainly NOT Christianity, even though it uses Christian terminology like Christ, God and Jesus. So “why is there religion and what is its purpose”?  CLICK HERE for the answer.

World is Illusion in Isolation

This teaching is part of the series, “What is the World You See”.  This is just the beginning of Jesus’s teachings about this world in his course.  This teaching, “World is an illusion in isolation”, explains what the world is to our spirit beingness, that which we are to awaken to.  Our beingness is only in Spirit, which is our mind.  Teaching is that the life we experience as being in this world is all from our mind.  Teaching for training to awaken to spirit mind you have suppressed. To learn more about the world, CLICK HERE.


You can’t change laws you didn’t make, and laws of happiness were created FOR you NOT BY you.

Happiness is something absolutely everyone desires and decides what makes them happy, at least for a period of time.  Worldly happiness is different than having happiness of the spirit mind. Further, since happiness was created for us, we can only “make happy”, and since the world is illusion,  we can ONLY BELIEVE that opposites to happiness exist.  Learn More

Jesus’s Teachings, Extraterrestrials’ Messages, and Other Writings Agree

The universality of  spiritual concepts that encompasses the idea that spirit/mind is the one mind of God that includes all existence can be found throughout the ages in a myriad of writings. Learn how these messages, teachings and writings agree.

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There IS only One Mind. You ARE of One Mind. Meaning- are of one kind.

In the course Jesus expands on the concept that our mind is the mind of God, and that the mind is the same as God’s mind, with all capabilities of God as creator. This is not as a body or any type of physical form, because mind is only spirit and spirit is only one kind. Learn more what the course teaches.

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Course for Mind Training

The course workbook lessons are specifically for independent study and training of the mind for spiritual knowledge and being.  It is spiritual training for the awakening of what the mind is and what the mind can accomplish under the right training.  In fact  Course says, “An untrained mind can accomplish nothing.”

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What Do You Believe You Are?



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Your Spiritual Awakening

The awakening, which the course teaches, has nothing to do with waking the body from physical sleep or any kind of physical perception. Awakening to the world is not the same as awakening to the understanding that the world is not what it teaches it is. I think believing in the world is the dream we’re in and as such promotes the fear of awakening from this world of dreams. To learn what awakening is about, click below.


Everyone will join the Atonement

Atonement, is a spiritual term, I’ve barely thought about until studying the course.  I never considered its importance or our necessary participation for spiritual advancement. Now, I’ve learned that the atonement is our final lesson and we all will have to join it. Didn’t know I needed this, did you? Learn what the atonement is and why all will join.

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Other Spiritual Mind Teachings

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