Technique for Spiritual Attainment

The presence of God's fragmented spirit is the "WILL OF GOD", abroad in the universes.

The Will of God, his spirit, that indwells the minds of the mortals of time there fostering the evolution of the immortal soul of the surviving creature, is of the nature and divinity of God, the Universal Father.

But the minds of such evolutionary creatures that originate in the local universes, must gain divine perfection by achieving transformations for spiritual attainment which are the inevitable result of a creature’s choosing to do the will of the father in heaven.

The technique of spiritual attainment is embraced in those adjustments of the human will and those transformations in the mortal mind whereby such a God-conscious intellect gradually becomes spirit taught and eventually spirit led.

Mortal mind subservient to matter is destined to become increasingly material and consequently to suffer [...] Mind yielded to spirit is destined to become increasingly spiritual with the guiding divine spirit.  ~~~Taken from Urantia Papers

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