Your Cooperation is a Choice

While God, the Father parentally encircuits all his sons, all personalities, his influence in their minds is limited. The fact of God’s presence in creature minds is determined by whether or not they are indwelt by his spirit.

The presence of this divine spirit in the human mind is disclosed by three types of mental development:

          1. The intellectual capacity for knowing God; being God-consciousness.

          2. The spiritual urge to find God; seeking God.

          3. The personality craving to be like God; the wholehearted desire to do the Father’s will.

However, his effective presence is determined by the degree of co-operation accorded him. The fluctuations of the Father’s presence are not due to the changeableness of God.

The Father does not retire in seclusion because he has been slighted; his affections are not alienated because of the creature’s wrongdoing. Rather, having been endowed with the power of choice, concerning Himself, his children, in the exercise of that choice, directly determine the degree and limitations of his divine influence.

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