God’s Gift of Unlimited Power

We are taught that the our life of consciousness, immortality, and unlimited power was given to us directly from the first source of all creations. This gift was specifically given for the purpose of being a co-creator of new experiences and new worlds. It is our human mind that was given God's spirit for eternal existence for being and creating. It is the gift of God himself that was given and forever lives in ALL our minds. Our mind is one creation that exists as one spiritual body of Christ.

In A Course in Miracles, Jesus says, "The Oneness of the Creator and the Creation IS your wholeness, your sanity, and your limitless power. This limitless power is God’s gift to you, because it is WHAT YOU ARE."

In Urantia the celestials tell us about the gift given that tells us what we are and purpose for being stating:

"A Thought Adjuster, or spirit Monitor is that fragment of the pure Deity of the Universal Father, which indwells mortal man and is a part of the infinity of the First Great Source and Center, the Father of Fathers.

The sending of Adjusters, their indwelling, is indeed one of the unfathomable mysteries of God the Father.

These fragments of the divine nature of the Universal Father carry with them the potential of creature immortality. Adjusters are immortal spirits, and union with them confers eternal life upon the soul of the fused mortal.

Your own races of surviving mortals belong to this group of ascending Sons of God. You are now planetary sons, evolutionary creatures [...] you are indeed sons of ascension, even to the highest heights of glory and divinity attainment—and this spiritual status of ascending sonship you attain by faith and by freewill cooperation with the spiritualizing activities of the indwelling Adjuster....

...... These indwelling fragments of God are with your order of being from the early days of physical existence through all of the ascending career ... to Paradise itself. Thereafter, in the eternal adventure, this same Adjuster is one with you and of you.

These are the mortals who have been commanded by the Universal Father, “Be you perfect, even as I am perfect.” The Father has bestowed himself upon you, placed his own spirit within you; therefore does he demand ultimate perfection of you.

Fusion with a fragment of the Universal Father is equivalent to a divine validation of eventual Paradise attainment, and such Adjuster-fused mortals are the only class of human beings who all traverse the Havona circuits and find God on Paradise.

To the Adjuster-fused mortal the career of universal service is wide open. What dignity of destiny and glory of attainment await every one of you! Do you fully appreciate what has been done for you? Do you comprehend the grandeur of the heights of eternal achievement which are spread out before you?

.... The Thought Adjuster, hailing from the Father on Paradise, never stops until the mortal son stands face to face with the eternal God.

.... Every such son of God shares the fatherhood of God, and God loves each of his creature sons alike; he is no more a respecter of ascendant destinies than is he of the creatures who may attain such destinies. The Father loves each of his sons, and that affection is not less than true, holy, divine, unlimited, eternal, and unique. It is a love bestowed upon this son and upon that son, individually, personally, and exclusively. And such a love utterly eclipses all other facts.

Sonship is the supreme relationship of the creature to the Creator.

As mortals you can now recognize your place in the family of divine sonship and begin to sense the obligation to avail yourselves of the advantages so freely provided in and by the Paradise plan for mortal survival, which plan has been so enhanced and illuminated by the life experience of a bestowal Son. Every facility and all power have been provided for insuring your ultimate attainment of the Paradise goal of divine perfection.

A human mind discerning right and wrong and possessing the capacity to worship God, in union with a divine Adjuster, is all that is required in that mortal to initiate and foster the production of his immortal soul of survival qualities if such a spirit-endowed individual seeks God and sincerely desires to become like him, honestly elects to do the will of the Father in heaven." Urantia Papers

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