Our Creation is Not Our Bodies but Our Soul

Who/what created this world and became the creation while learning?

I can tell you that it is not the universal father nor specifically our souls based on the teaching that our souls are safe with the father, sleeping.  The term sleeping is indicative of a state of existence for our souls while mind trains.  It was originally a choice  to explore not-knowing to accelerate learning by forgetting our spirituality in this level of being.  This particular learning system divided our mind so as to experience illusions in a way that mind denies or does not recognize its role in the illusionary creation.

According to the teachings of Jesus in "A Course in Miracles" we are "Sons of God", whose souls have been fully created and perfected.

This means that our immortality has been attained as  unique spirit beings whose spiritual function or career is to create.  We are told that we are a one of a kind creation consisting of the same malleable mind ruled by a unique and unchangeable immortal free-willed personality, with the same spirit fragment of our universal spirit father, and the same spirit-mind of our creator. Personality make us unique and individuated each as a soul, a complex spirit being.

The fusion of our evolved human mind from this world with God's spirit fragment and our creator's spirit-mind makes up our created  soul.  There is no soul until the fusion of mind and spirit, by the free-willed choice of personality with mind.  Everything else about us, that is our soul, has already been perfected to create, leaving only the mind in need of learning.

However, in the teachings of "A Course In Miracles" and "A Law of One", we are told that learning from this level of spirit  training has long been attained....

What we're experiencing is our own mis-creation.

It is our mind that has forgotten self and misplaced its identity in its creation, causing projections of a world  seeming of violence, opposites and confusion.

This vibratory level of learning is over but experiencing at this level of existence is a choice. The choice is an illusion and not required for spirit-mind advancement, however the choice can be useful when learning has been attained.

So if soul's asleep, how are we experiencing, and why is there learning?

In the teachings, we are told that our souls were created perfect, but what our souls create is not. We have perfected our physical creation, but the mind divided, has not integrated with its spirit, the cause of experiencing and feelings of emotions, inhibiting learning; therefore its spiritual attainment and advancement.

Spirit is the source giver in the mind for the body to be experienced by the mind to perceive feelings from thoughts associated with the body. Our learning now in time in this level of experiencing being conscious of the body is to realize the connection with mind with spirit and emotions felt and or express with the body.

It is the soul asleep with a divided mind that projects in dreams experiencing feelings manifested by spirit from the thoughts and beliefs of the mind. Being and feeling have been integrated in our minds as bodies expressing emotions according to how/what mind perceives and desires as feelings.

The evolution of the body by the ability and desires of the mind has been attained with full range of expressions of emotions, but there is no conscious recognition of the source and the cause of the emotions. This hinders ascension, self realization and the mind's spirit attainment. Mind does not reach its attainment to ascend when the spirit in the mind is suppressed to unknowing to experience a body having feelings from mind's own thoughts of desires.

By not recognizing the cause, for which identity of self is entwined, mind cannot advance or integrate with spirit without the exercise in thoughts of possibilities. Integration is a working process in understanding, a gradual realization or remembering of spirit self.

Our existence in this world as beings is all mindal and spiritual for emotional experiencing by dreaming being a form, a body. The mind must be open to at least consider the possibility, even if it still DENIES that it is NOT the body.

According to correlating writings, every soul's mind dreaming experiencing this world, chose this existence for experiencing, and in doing so misplaced identity of self in the experience as something other than what it is.

It is also taught, experiences of this world is a judgment of self that has no other purpose or meaning other than what the mind gives it, and does not affect the soul's existence and function to create in any way.

However, this level of experiencing is at a threshold. The learning to evolve and the recognition of opposites have reached a pinnacle on this level of existence and for experiencing in this time. Time was created and is not eternal, but exists in eternity as a temporary creation for dreaming.

Dreaming and time always end,

but can be restarted and experienced again and again. Both are destined to end either with the realization of the cause of dreaming, or the desire to move on with the purpose of creation.

The refusal to awaken and accept being what is, will end in time, but all are destined to be fully that created and integrated in time, to ascend and exist as immortals in the spirit worlds for eternity.

Correlating teachings say our dreaming has cut us off from other creations,

but we are not left alone. Now is the time we are told that a spiritual dispensation of light is being disbursed into our creation to stimulate awakening from this dream for the next level of ascension.

Awakening now is for the advancement toward integration of spirit, mind and emotions experienced with these bodies, which is necessary for the next level existence to experience differently with different bodies.

We are told there is a call  in our minds to awaken by spirit. Not awakening is a decision against self or failed recognition of call to self; as such, the mind will continue to dream the opposite of its immortal reality to experience temporal being with feelings of a body as self.  The call to awaken will persist until the reality of existence is realized in the experience as the cause of experiencing being and feeling.

So who/what is dreaming experiencing that a call to awaken is persistent at calling?

To hear the call to awaken is a response in consciousness to contemplate on the possibility of having an identity different from what's believed in dreams. Just thinking on who/what is thinking, should give a clue to what the identity is and could place mind on a different level of experiencing.

In "A Course In Miracles", it actually says, that we don't know what or who we are and as such, is the cause of the problems we're dreaming of as in the world. The purpose of the course is for training and preparation of the mind to awaken to itself.

The "Law of One" messengers tell us that it is our consciousness, our understanding of self that is to be harvested and or will ascend to the next level of experiencing; but most minds of this world are immersed in dreaming.

None can hear the call to awaken if the call is not recognized as the call to the self of identity misplaced in dreaming. Can't BE what is and use abilities, if what is, is not accepted, and denied as what it is, having it, or being it.

Conscious acceptance of self as mind with spirit is not necessary nor is belief.

The only need we're told is conscious consideration of thinking on thoughts to become aware of thoughts thinking, and the associated feelings stimulated from those thoughts.

All thought is manifested by mind with spirit as feelings in the body, which mind then perceives and interprets feelings for expression and behavior with the body. Conscious recognition of process with right perspective are exercises in the mind for the mind's integration with spirit and emotions for proper creating.

Consciousness of mind exercises are for spirit recognition as being and having in eternity. Without recognition of spirit and spirit in mind as the integrated self with emotions, mind is lost in believing that bodies are external forces; the cause not the effect.

There is no right or wrong in advancing spiritual abilities by experiencing. It is by the exercise of what the mind thinks, and questions that the mind attains its functionality, realizes self, recognizes and give credit to the source for self.

We did not create our mind, nor thought;

but is the mind with the ability to create from thought with emotions.

This world we are told is an illusion from our belief system. Belief systems of societies come from acceptance of ideas whether true or not, demonstrated and expressed as experiences or ways of being. Because identity of self is misplaced in the belief system of the world's dreams, all that seem to be experiencing is experienced as that believed about self and the world.

We are to become conscious of our thoughts. That means thinking on the mind by listening to thoughts to recognize that who/what is listening is YOU, your mind. YOU ARE Your Mind the mind, and the learning of the world depends on you, to integrate your mind.

"I Am" and "I Am God" are the same as "I Am Mind"... Why?

In the teachings it is taught that having and being are the same spiritually. "I Am Mind" and "I Am God" are the same because the universal father of all, is spirit and mind; the first source of which a fragment was given and placed in our minds, to have and be our mind, personified and individuated as spirit minded immortals called, "Sons of God" with God and in God's mind.

This is our identity and are told is the likeness of our spirit father, created as co-creators of new worlds. Taken from "A Course In Miracles".  Learn more to learn how and why.

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