Concept of Self Meaning

The concept of the self has always been the great preoccupation of the world. And everyone believes that he must find the answer to the riddle of himself.

Salvation can be seen as nothing more than the ESCAPE from concepts.

It does not concern itself with content of the mind, but with the simple statement THAT IT THINKS. And what can think has choice, and CAN be shown that different thoughts have different consequence.

And it can learn that EVERYTHING it thinks reflects the deep confusion that it feels about how it was made, and what it is. And vaguely does the concept of the self appear to answer what it does not know.

Seek not your Self in symbols. There can be no concept that can stand for what you are. What matters it which concept you accept, while you perceive a self which interacts with evil, and reacts to wicked things?

Your concept of yourself will still remain quite meaningless. And you will not perceive that you can interact but with yourself.

To see a guilty world is but the sign your learning has been guided by the world, and you behold it as you see yourself. The concept of the self embraces all you look upon, and NOTHING is outside of this perception. If you can be hurt by ANYTHING, you see a picture of your secret wishes. Nothing more than this. And in your suffering of ANY kind, you see your own concealed desire to kill.

You will make many concepts of the self as learning goes along. Each one will show the changes in your own relationships, as your perception of yourself is changed.

There will be some confusion every time there is a shift, but be you thankful that the learning of the world is loosening its grasp upon your mind. And be you sure and happy in the confidence that it will go at last, and leave your mind at peace.

The role of the accuser will appear in many places and in many forms, and each will seem to be accusing you.

But have no fear it will not be undone. The world can teach no images of you unless you WANT to learn them. There will come a time when images have all gone by, and you will see you know not what you are.

It is to this unsealed and open mind that truth returns, unhindered and unbound.

Where concepts of the self have been laid by is truth revealed exactly as it is. When every concept has been raised to doubt and question, and been recognized as made on NO assumptions which would stand the light, then is the truth left free to enter in its sanctuary clean and free of guilt.

There is no statement that the world is more afraid to hear than this: “I do not know the thing I am, and THEREFORE do not know what I am doing,  where I am, or how to look upon the world and on myself.”

Yet in this learning is salvation born. And what you are will TELL you of Itself.

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