Personality Unique – The Identity of Mind

Personality Unique-The Identity of Mind

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We are told that after evolving to a certain point in consciousness, our human mind was given an additional mind of creation for creating and God's spirit for training and immortality for the purpose of creating.

In Jesus' teachings, he calls god's spirit in our mind, "the Holy Spirit".  In the Urantia teachings, god's spirit in our mind is called the "Thought Adjuster" and "spirit  monitor". The Thought Adjuster/Holy Spirit, according to the celestials and Jesus, is a direct gift from the universal father source of all and placed in our minds.  Each fragment of  god's spirit chose a mind to evolve and fuse with for eternal existence as a soul. However, the adjuster/holy spirit does not choose or decide for us. Its function is for the advancement of mind, by choice,  from physical existence towards the soul's eternal destiny, only.

Mind chooses, perceives and decides with another gift from the father, which is also immortal and changeless just as his spirit in our mind, but this gift is not in the mind, is not our mind, nor the spirit or body.  It is the personality, the identity of mind.

Urantia celestials say, personality of mind is an eternal endowment, a shadow form of the universal father as a spirit identity for the mind, an individuated being with modified "free will". The universal father is a person of "free will" and gives "free will" status to creations by his own choice.

The celestials also tell us that our personality of mind is unique, absolute and changeless. Nothing in eternity can ever change that, except the personality of mind.  Read more below taken from the "Urantia Papers".....


"That which comes from the Father is like the Father eternal, and this is just as true of personality, which God gives by his own freewill choice. 

Personality is bestowed by the Universal Father upon his creatures as a potentially eternal endowment. Such a divine gift is designed to function on numerous levels and in successive universe situations ranging from the lowly finite to the highest ...

Mortals represent the last link in the chain of those beings .

The human personality is identified with mind and spirit held together in functional relationship by life in a material body.  This functioning relationship of such mind and spirit does not result in some combination of the qualities or attributes of mind and spirit but rather in an entirely new, original, and unique universe value of potentially eternal endurance, the soul.

The material self has personality and identity, temporal identity.

The personality imparts value of identity and meanings of continuity.

In the human system, it is the personality which unifies all activities and in turn imparts the qualities of identity and creativity.

Personality is inherently creative, but it thus functions only in the INNER life of the individual.

Personalities may be similar, but they are never the same. Persons of a given series, type, order, or pattern may and do resemble one another, but they are never identical.

Personality is that feature of an individual which we know, and which enables us to identify such a being at some future time regardless of the nature and extent of changes in form, mind, or spirit status.

Personality is that part of any individual which enables us to recognize and positively identify that person as the one we have previously known, no matter how much he may have changed because of the modification of the vehicle of expression and manifestation of his personality.

No other being, force, creator, or agency in all the wide universe of universes can interfere to any degree with the absolute sovereignty of the MORTAL FREE WILL, AS IT OPERATES WITHIN THE REALMS OF CHOICE, REGARDING THE ETERNAL DESTINY OF THE PERSONALITY OF THE CHOOSING MORTAL. As pertains to eternal survival, God has decreed the sovereignty of the material and mortal will, and that decree is absolute.

Man’s personality is eternal but with regard to identity a conditioned eternal reality. .....

Man’s participation therein is optional, personal,and experiential.

Mortal identity is a transient time-life condition in the universe; it is real only in so far as the personality elects to become a continuing universe phenomenon. This is the essential difference between man and an energy system: The energy system must continue, it has no choice; but man has everything to do with determining his own destiny.

Human beings possess IDENTITY only in the material sense. Such qualities of the self are expressed by the material mind as it functions in the energy system of the intellect.

When it is said that man has identity, it is recognized that he is in possession of a mind circuit which has been placed in subordination to the acts and choosing of the will of the human personality. But this is a material and purely temporary manifestation, just as the human embryo is a transient parasitic stage of human life.

Human beings, from a cosmic perspective, are born, live, and die in a relative instant of time; they are not enduring. But mortal personality, through its own choosing, possesses the power of transferring its seat of identity from the passing material-intellect system to the higher morontia-soul system which, in association with the Thought Adjuster, is created as a new vehicle for personality manifestation.

And it is this very power of choice, the universe insignia of freewill creature-hood, that constitutes man’s greatest opportunity and his supreme cosmic responsibility."  Visit for more on the celestial teachings.


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