The Soul’s Journey From Creator/Heaven

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The following gives us a perspective on how souls came to be and purpose for learning that correlates to the teachings presented here at Course Teachings. This writing was taken from, “VIBRATIONAL MEDICINE”, by Richard Gerber, M.D.

It is said that God created Human beings in the Divine Image.

As each soul was created in that first moment, God separated into smaller beings of Light which were energetic representations of the original vast Beingness. Through the conscious evolution of these lesser gods and the holographic connectivity of the Universe, God could enrich and develop the tremendous potential for diversity and self-knowledge inherent in Supreme Consciousness.

These primal beings of Light, or souls, developed ways of manifesting the ethereal energies of their consciousness through denser forms of expression. The denser forms, called physical bodies, would allow them to experience through their senses the wonders and beauties of the evolving planets. Also, it would allow them to experiment with the expression of their emotional nature through interactions and relationships between themselves, their environment, and the other sentient life forms manifesting upon the planets on which they chose to incarnate.

Because no entity could develop itself in all possible ways through the course of a single life span of these dense vehicles of expression, a continuous cycle of regeneration and rebirth, known as reincarnation, was created. During each lifetime, the incarnating soul is able to partake of many diverse experiences which allow it to explore the wonders, joys and sorrows of human existence.

Through hit or miss, and reward or punishment, the consciousness of the soul, projected through Earthly bodies, can learn and experience planetary life through every conceivable variation of the Human form.

Via the reincarnational cycle, each soul comes to know the splendor and achievements, as well as the difficulties and sadnesses, of each of the existing races and colors of peoples.

All souls come to experience life as the pinnacle of high society as well as the simplicity and daily toil of the farms and fields.

All conscious entities find out how life differs between being male and female in the different societies. Through each of these varied experiences, the soul comes to know itself and to better understand its own emotional, physical, and spiritual nature, as well as the many different expressions that physical Human life allows.

Perhaps most importantly in its Earthly sojourns, the soul comes to appreciate and experience the nature of love in its many different forms, and develops a greater compassion and caring for all of God’s creations.

All souls are spiritual beings of Light which remain energetically connected to the Creator and the Creator’s Universe through a holographic connectivity relationship.

All souls have evolved as unique but diverse manifestations of the single Divine Principle (also known as the Law of One).

As the souls become enriched through their experiences, so too does the Creator come to grow and evolve in a greater knowing of His Self in infinite expression.

In spite of this unity with God and the Universe, the souls temporarily lose the memory of their spiritual origins after incarnating into dense physical bodies. In reality, the higher spiritual bodies of each soul maintain a cosmic awareness and connection to the God-force.

Only the projected fragment of the soul’s total consciousness which inhabits the dense physical form loses the memory of its origins.

The Earthly personalities forget that they are manifestations of the One Supreme Intelligence, as the perceptual mechanism of their brains and bodies create a physical sense of separation from each other as well as from their Creator.

Partly because of this sense of separation from God, Human beings have created religion and its rituals in an attempt to reunite themselves with the creative forces of nature and the physical universe, which seemed outside of themselves.

Human beings forget that the Kingdom of God is already within each of us. Jesus incarnated to teach and remind us of this simple forgotten truth.

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