You’re Not the Self You Made

Video Teaching

You Are Not the Self You Made

"A Course in Miracles" teachings, are said to have been given to us from Jesus Christ. These teachings expound, we are spirit beings, the mind of our immortal soul in training for spirit attainment. Our souls were created perfect with the mind of Christ and God's spirit, and are divine creators who descended to this reality to evolve the human, physical mind. As such, we chose to forget who and what we are, to be and experience what we are not. For this world and our bodies, a "self" was MADE by us, the CREATED, with God's spirit, our only true self.

In this video teaching, the self we, the created MADE, is the ego. The ego is regarded as the part of our separated mind believing it-self, a material/illusionary body. This is our human mind evolving with a changeless personality with free-will, to choose and decide its being, but not recognizing mind manifesting by God's spirit inside. Because created with God's spirit in our mind, we're told we're the children/Sons of God, a brotherhood, the body of Christ.

Jesus also tells us, we are like him, a Son of God; immortal spirit beings whose one self is Christ with God's spirit given to our mind for our soul. Soul asleep with mind dreaming identity is the body. We are to awaken to recognize the spirit within our mind as the true self and source of being and experiencing.

We have spiritually deprived our being-ness because of our non-belief and the ignoring of our spirit self, what we are to each other, and our creator. Even though our soul and its mind are immortal, for this world, the mind made the ego and believes it-self to be the me-self, an ego with a body that suffers and dies.

We are to understand that we are NOT the body, although it seems we are. There is no spirit retribution for errors of the mind for wrongdoings with the body, however intent and decisions result in consequences from thoughts and deeds, first needing recognition to correct. This recognition, we are told is the key for understandings to advance to new worlds of spirit experiencing and learning.

This is a wonderful glorious teaching of what and who we are that also teaches our place in worlds of immortal beings and that our functions here are to forgive and make happy.

Acceptance of teachings nor belief is necessary, just the consideration of being a spirit being unites us, for we are one spirit body, one mind, and one kind. We can only unite in and vibrate from our one mind.



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