We Come With Proof Of God

Come With We Proof of God

"THE ALL is MIND.  While All is in THE ALL, it is equally true that THE ALL is in ALL.  To him who truly understands this truth, hath come great knowledge." --The Kybalion.


"The Mind, then, is not separated off from God's essentiality, but is united to it, as light to sun. This Mind in men is God, and for this cause some of mankind are gods, and their humanity is nigh unto divinity. [...] "Gods are immortal men, and men are mortal gods." - Hermetic-Arcanum


"The Being is the Being, and the reason for the Being to be, is to be the Being."         -Hermetic-Arcanum

God Always Denotes Personality

Meanwhile the Creator Lies Within

Personal Experience the Only Positive Proof of God

God is spirit.” He is a universal spiritual presence. The Universal Father is an infinite spiritual reality... Even though you are “the offspring of God,” you ought not to think that the Father is like yourselves in form and physique because you are said to be created “in his image”...  Read More

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