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The Law of One On the Soul

"One of the concepts most central to the system of study which comes out of research into the contactee messages offered by alleged UFO contact is the concept of the immortality of our individual consciousness."  Read More



"A Course in Miracles" teaches, God Created Souls as One Body.

"The body of Christ which is a way of referring the sum of the souls God created, IS the corporate body of Christ."  Learn More



"The Urantia Book" tells us how our soul was created.

Here we are told that our soul did not come with the creation of the body.  That was long after the evolution of not only the body, but the conscious mind for the body.  They tell us how our soul came to be and why.  Read More



In the book, "VIBRATIONAL MEDICINE – New Choices for Healing Ourselves", Dr. Richard Gerber tells why souls left heaven.  He tells us, "Because no entity could develop itself in all possible ways through the course of a single life span ..., a continuous cycle of regeneration and rebirth, known as reincarnation, was created."  Read More


"A Course in Miracles" tells us about the abilities of the soul. 

In the course, Jesus teaches, "The soul’s true functions are knowing, loving, and creating. ... Abilities are not functions of the Soul.  Learn More

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