Course not about Religion

Many claim NOT to be religious and I am one of them. Tried to be, but failed at it.

However, I am religious about expounding the study of our minds to learn how to think a better world.

On religion, the course teaches, “All religion is the recognition that the irreconcilable cannot BE reconciled”; “what can save each one of us, can save us all”; that “there is no difference among the Sons of God”.

“It is not the Will for Life, but the wish for death, that is the motivation for this world.

Its ONLY purpose is TO PROVE GUILT REAL. No worldly thought or act or feeling has a motivation other than this one. These are the witnesses that are called forth to be believed and lend conviction to the system they speak for and represent.

And each has many voices speaking to your brother and yourself in different tongues. And yet to both the message is the same”.   Click here to learn what course teaches about religion.

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