What Should We Believe?

A Study Of Our Spirit Self

These teachings given from Stellar Beings, offers a picture of the universe and our place in it and our potentials.


Taken from the introduction of, "Living the Law of One", it states:

"The Ra group was able to contact the research group in 1981 to share their story and their thoughts. That Ra contact ended in 1984, when original researcher died. Law of One is recorded in Books I through V and is also known as "The Ra Material". The organization also provides in addition to the trance sessions, an archive of over a 1,500 of their group’s conscious channeling sessions over the years until the present day."

"The Ra Material offers solutions to many of the mysteries of the universe. It places the living of this present life into a larger and much more satisfying context. It offers a picture of the universe and our place in it which is exciting, enlivening and full of a powerful potential."  See

This book like "The Explorer Race" was produced from extensive channeling sessions from extraterrestrial or celestial beings over a considerable period of our time.

Although different verbiage were used and told differently, the theme of the messages is the same and the spiritual concepts overlap correlating in many details to Jesus's teaching in "A Course in Miracles". Here provided is an excerpt from the book to give you an idea of the concepts they are giving us for our spiritual awakening.

The following excerpt is taken from Law of One Introduction from Book One:  "When one sees a magician, one accepts the fact that one is seeing very skillfully performed illusions.   However, there is a study of the so-called magical personality which suggests that there is a thread which runs through our daily lives which we can grasp; and, using that thread, remove ourselves from time to time into a framework of reference points in which we see reality as being that of the spiritual body, that personality which exists from incarnation to incarnation and indeed “since before the world was.”      GET THE BOOK

By working upon this magical personality, by interiorizing experience, by accepting responsibility for all that occurs, by carefully analyzing our reactions to all that occurs, and by eventually coming to balance our reactions to all that occurs so that our actions in our environment are generated within the self and are no longer simple reactions to outward stimulus, we strengthen the so-called magical personality until we are able to have some small claim to “the art of causing changes in consciousness at will.” This is the classic definition of magic.

Each time that a person sustains an unfortunate situation and reacts to it by not giving anger for anger or sadness for sadness but instead offering compassion and comfort where none was expected, we strengthen that thread of inner strength within us and we become more and more associated with a life that is closely related to the organic evolution of the universe.

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