Evolution of Human Mind Advances the Soul

It is taught that the ascension/advancement/survival of mortals is wholly predicated on the evolvement of the immortal soul within the mortal-human mind.

Life as “energy” and as “force’ is really neither. Force/energy is variously gravity responsive; LIFE is not.

Pattern/form is also nonresponsive to gravity, being a "CONFIGURATION of energies".

Life, as such, not being energy or force, constitutes the ANIMATION of the pattern/form configured or segregated as a system of energy, to be material, mindal, and OR spiritual. Animation of life of the pattern/form is activated only by Spirit.

We are also told in these teachings taken from the "Urantia Papers", it is not understood HOW lifeless patterns/forms are life activated, but what IS known is that the source IS the Universal Father of All which is spirit, while life's expression is in the Son (the spirit as creation), and realization by Spirit (the spirit-mind for the creation).

All exist within and from the only one cosmic mind, just as our life as a body/pattern/material-form exists from and in our mind from which resides a fragment of the same spirit of the cosmos. This spirit we are told is our spirit guide, spirit communicator, spirit interpreter/reinterpreter/manifestos of this world for expression of our desires and will, relating to the advancement of our soul.

In "A Course in Miracles" Jesus teaches, we are to learn to see ourselves as the mind, because we are the mind, one kind.

He tells us our souls have long been perfected, having immortality as the Sons of the Universal Father, because our mind was given a fragment of the Father's spirit, a gift accepted for the creation of the soul. This spirit is personal, universal, and has with our human mind given an eternally unique personality of free will for the soul.

God's fragment of his spirit resides in our mind to communicate through and exist as an eternal component to evolve the soul's abilities to create new and unique existences for experiencing.

We are told that our human mind is in training being guided, when allowed, by our Spirit toward our function by the mindal evolution for the purpose of our creation.

Our creation was created to co-create, but the world we've created was created by sleeping to forget our true or spirit reality. This was a choice by all that have come to experience this world’s reality.

Sleeping is the forgetting that caused the mind to separate/split to a human-ego/spirit mind, that expresses/manifests thoughts believed and desired in experiences, determined by what we believe we are, either flesh or spirit.

Our mortal human mind, given in our creation, is destined to evolve to an immortal spirit existence of being, but has denied/ignoring the spirit, misplaced identity in the creation of the pattern/form; forgetting the self is the mind with the spirit of our soul.

It is taught that our mind, with and by God’s spirit, is experiencing being human, a CONFIGURATION of energies patterned/formed as a body, manifested and activated by our spirit. The body is a training device for the advancement of the soul by the evolution of the human mind. Again, what has been forgotten is what we are, believing what we are not.

Being creators, what we've created so far is a world of conflicting realities being experienced by a belief system that the body, which is the created pattern/material-form, is the real self just as the world of other patterns/forms that have beginning and ending existence, are believed real. All the world is ILLUSION.

The separation/split was the result from the choice of mind to not recognize or accept what it is, its reality, its spirit ancestry, and the source of all creation for the reality of the dream, the illusion of patterns/forms that dies when mind decides.

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