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Taken from "The Reappearance of Christ Consciousness on Earth", Channeled via Nada-Yolanda, transcribed by Dr. Kathryn E. May: 3rd Ed.- revised 2019; from;

"I Jesus, have come many times to the Earth planet as a leader and as a spiritual ruler responsible for that which does happen in this plane or cycle.

It is not unique or specially assigned unto me that cannot be specially and uniquely assigned unto you when the progression is right and the understanding is dedicated. Therefore, I ask not at this time some special or holy place manifest in your consciousness, but the recognition of what this means in your own birth and in your own consciousness.

Have I not demonstrated, through any one of the lives which I have revealed unto you, that it is possible to reach the peak of Christ awareness, Christ giving, Christ action and Christ love here and now where you are and where I am in evolution?

Therefore, it must be acknowledged and accepted and demonstrated by you individually, each and every one of you, that this same understanding, love, devotion, sacrifice and giving of Self be the goal and the evolutionary success of your progress. . . .

Each one who comes and must demonstrate what he is functioning and bringing forth is operating within the whole or the mass race level of evolutionary progress, and because of this he must unfold in that order and with that system.

So it would be in a rose bush should one of the petals decide that it was far and above removed from the rest of the plant and would take the whole out of context and distort it.

It must not be; and all must work in complete harmony and divine consciousness of the oneness of its particular level and its particular service.

Emphasizing this word of service is important, for the individual serves the whole; but so does the whole or the race serve the individual. It is by this dual responsibility that we now have what is taking place upon the Earth at this present time for the mass birth of Christ consciousness.

Those who have come from far and distant places, dimensions, planes and planets are serving the whole race of man who are now karmically embodied on the planet Earth; [in this] third dimensional frequency, as we refer to it. Because of this they have sacrificed, and continue to sacrifice, evolutionary progress in other spheres, planes and planets where their own functions may far succeed what they are here to do.

But this is of no avail to them, and it is of no concern to the individual, for each one sacrifices in love and with love and therefore does his job without need for any recompense by the individual or group karma.

So I have served many times on the Earth planet and so I continue to serve in hidden realms unto your own eyes and consciousness. Is it because I have not progressed further or do not wish to progress further or I am held bound by the consciousness of the group race manifesting now on Earth? That is false doctrine and incomplete understanding.

It is because I willingly and lovingly sacrifice for the whole, and the whole is my goal and my inevitable completion.

With the whole, I, as well as each other one, will bring the whole into the level of consciousness, demonstration and function which it is possible for me to bring forth in one given sphere, place or planet.

That is what we are endeavoring to teach you in your present role and function upon the Earth at this present time.

The birth of mass Christ consciousness is only the fact that each cell or each soul demonstrating upon the Earth will reach the peak of perfection that has been attained on this plane or planet by the highest teacher and servant of that plane and planet.

In forming a new level of consciousness or group variety of demonstration, it must be worked out of the mold and multiplied upon the mold.

Thus, the mold may be one as was demonstrated two thousand years ago and even prior to that time, and upon that mold must come multiples of that function and those demonstrations, until all that remain in the area of vibrational frequency are simulating or amplifying that particular code or system.

Thus, it is your function to work from the mold or pattern which was set down not by myself but the I Am within myself, the Christ pattern which originates from the Godhead, the Father-Mother God which creates the Sonship or the Trinity aspect of Itself.

Thus, I am both Jesus the Christ and the Christ pattern which was Jesus. So it must be within you to demonstrate the pattern of the I Am and to fulfill the individualized function of your own Christ cell or soul.

Who you are and what you have come to do are part and parcel of the present cycle of time, as it overlaps with the full recognition and demonstration of that individualization into the fourth dimension, or the Golden Era as we shall call it.

In that time the third dimensional frequency, or five-sensual pattern that is concurrent or is demonstrated by that frequency, can be absolved, resolved, transmuted, uplifted, and eventually eliminated from your individual experience.

Only through that demonstration or dimension you must evolve; not in some other way or in some other time.

Those who continue to contribute confusion to the simple doctrines of evolutionary unfoldment will have to develop a karmic attraction to one another involving another area of development and involution.

It is not unlike God's way to bring this about. Therefore, what choice you have at this time of the end, which begins the new cycle of time, is to level yourselves between two independent particulars:

to go forward and remove the shackles of blindness and perversity, or to proceed in this pattern outside of the present cycle of time and companionship of those with whom you have been karmically bound and involved for thousands and thousands of life experiences.

This means much in the way of hardship for the soul who so chooses. For whether you recognize it or not, your comfortableness in the area where you are now demonstrating is a result of the fact that you have so demonstrated endless periods of time over uncounted life experiences.

Not always are you conscious of this, nor is it necessary for you to be so conscious of it. But the fact remains that you are in an area or cycle of evolution that is to your soul expression familiar, pleasant and inwardly satisfying.

But should you perversely go in the opposite direction of the group progression, you collect or adhere to those who are rebels within the mass or whole and become then collectively cast off from that period, from that frequency development,

and beget yourselves an unfamiliar area and evolve into some new expression that will not be as comfortable or orderly to your understanding and progress as it is in this time of now.

It means, then, that those rebelling and continuing to work away from the mass demonstration of I Am consciousness shall be let go, so to speak, or separated from those with whom they have at least progressed to this point of evolution.

It becomes a hell, as described by so many prophets, mystics and seers. But this is not the eternal hell interpreted by the few; it becomes hell to the soul's equal right of experience at that present moment.

It is devolution into another period or external consideration. Let that be sufficient unto those who hedge or fence into the advisability of this understanding and this teaching.

Not all are expected to embrace the fullness of what is given and has been given, not because they have withheld the understanding or been withheld from the understanding

but because they have become hardened to any conscientious endeavor to lift themselves from the error and seriousness of their lack of desire for Self-expression.

Self-expression is as necessary to the soul as breathing is to the body; and when you have denied yourself this Self-expression of the Spirit you have stifled the living plasm, or prana as some would call it, from expanding and growing.

Therefore, this hardened concept, this unjust means of self-destructiveness, is that much harder to work through and must thereby be softened by love.

Yes, it must be softened in this manner, for it is the only softener at that stage of development.

Does love mean easiness or letting go of the person's responsibility, and your responsibility to the person so hardened?

No, love has many means of expression, and some of them seem to blast the very rut that the individual has found himself in.

Therefore, love projection can be extremely violent in some cases, but also very successful in all cases, for there is no dissolvent more worthy of the name of eternal divine remedy than sweet love and resurrection.

It is, at this time, the need for all to come into that Self consciousness of the resurrected soul.

For within the resurrected soul of the I Am consciousness comes the application of the New Age and the new beginning; from out of the old and the end comes the beginning.

From out of the womb of Motherhood and the implanting of Fatherhood, born are the Christ children of light. It is out of darkness into the light that each one must come in his own evolvement.

Therefore, it is equally important to bring about your own Christ understanding and love as it is to see the whole race upon this planet demonstrating it in union and coordination with all phases of its expression in this sphere, in this time and at this time.

Therefore, please do not work on one without the other; and see both as your inevitable responsibility, here and elsewhere, for always will you grow and always will you evolve.

Together it is a joy, for you have known each other and worked together through the eons of time and have selected each other to work with by the level of your own attunement.

So it is that like attracts like and those of opposite poles will repel one another.

It must then come to pass that those who will work together will evolve together and bring all into the oneness of holy union with his Christ Self and bring about the demonstration of the New Age, our Golden Era of Earth. So be it in truth.

Let it be done unto you this day from eternal contemplation within the heart and soul of Fatherhood-Motherhood through Son, Christ Self.

I am Sananda/Jesus the Christ of Nazareth, unto you a Savior and a Prince of this involution, evolution, Earth.


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