Have You Awaken to Your Archetype… Your Life’s Plan/Purpose?



Spiritual teachings tell us we have a purpose for being in this world… ALL of us spirit beings.

Some” say life of a spirit in this world is either for punishment or for training. Some say we were sent; others tell us we volunteered to catapult ascension from experiences of polarity (choices) from this world for our soul’s advancement.

Jesus teaches life here is for nothing. Our souls are already perfected and immortal, but our human mind is still in training with spirit by spirit, hence this world, a gross mis-creation.

The world is not a punishment and there’s no requirement to be here, nor to reincarnate back here; for many lifetimes have already been experienced having the same content many different ways. However, the denial or misplaced identity of true self, the defiance of creation, mistakes or mis-creations will have to be understood and corrected to advance. Advancement is destined, but mind has “free-will” to choose when, since created an immortal spirit being.

Jesus also tells us that what was needed to be learned has been learned, however, it has been our choice to be here to rid mind of “guilt and recognize our true identity, which we are told is our individuated mind, our spirit.

It was our choice as a spirit being to choose which life path to experience based on what was decided was needed to be expiated for the guilt and denial of identity, and or to advance by fulfilling purpose defined as the “life path” chosen to advance.

A “Life Path” is defined as an “archetype”.

Taken from “Archetypes of Transformation: Healing the Self/Other Split through Creative Active Imagination” – Thesis by David Rosen, in which he tells us…

“Archetypes are inborn, actively charged predispositions toward ideas, images, symbols, as well as patterns of behavior that are common to all human beings. Archetypes are intricately and fundamentally part of the collective unconscious…...  All of nature, animal instincts and the history of humankind is within the psyche (mind).

The use of the term archetype encompasses both positive and negative possibilities. In the theme of opposite. This self unifies them and is the timeless center and totality of the psyche (mind). The self is a higher power or force that includes the other: the dark side or the shadow.

The self is also the symbol of wholeness and eternity represented by the circle. Which has no beginning or ending. The term self is an empirical concept that expresses the unity of the personality as a whole. This super-ordinate personality, in contrast to the ego Is only the center of consciousness. (Jung 1969, 345)

The self is the central archetype. The drive in a healing force that is behind every individual. Realizing that he or she is here for a unique purpose, i.e., to fulfill one’s own personal myth. The latter relates to the concept of individuation, a process toward wholeness or coming to “self-hood” or “self- realization”.”  (Jung 1966, 173)

An archetype gives a definition or pattern for being and learning for the human mind for spiritual advancement.

What path did you choose for this life of expressions and experiences to learn for spiritual advancement?

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