What Should We Believe?

A Study Of Our Spirit Self

All Will Join in the Atonement

Each day I study, each day my mind seems lit with sparkling gems of enlightenment, revelations maybe. I am literally filled with joy, having found my answers and having found my peace, believing the teachings has helped me to trust my mind.

It’s been many years of indirect study and I am in my third year of direct study of the course. I am and have been very comfortable in my own thought system and feel fulfilled by my life experiences.  Now that I have found what I have been seeking most of my life, I feel the impulse to share what I have learned and still studying.

Course teaches we have to share and with that sharing involves the atonement, the final lesson. I have joined the atonement and was given the idea to share the teaching on the final lesson now, for you to consider to join.

Atonement, is a spiritual term I’ve never thought about until studying the course.  I’ve never considered its meaning. Now, I’ve learned that the atonement is our final lesson and we all will have to join it.  Didn’t know I spiritually needed this, did you?

Course teaches we are one mind, one spiritual self, and the atonement is the realization and acceptance of that oneness, regardless of our understanding of it.

You don’t have to understand it to accept it.

The recognition and acceptance of oneness of spirit and mind; forgiveness and sharing are the only functions we have in this world for “the Atonement”.

Course teaches, every mind will have to join, and since there’s only eternity, there will always be a time to join, but why not now?

Let’s raise our vibrations, let’s learn how together… for unity of consciousness, for unity of mind.

Learn about the atonement here… Listen to the audio. 

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