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Jesus, My Autobiography Companion Study for Teachings, Book Review

"A Course in Miracles'" teachings, given to us by Jesus Christ are not new; mostly not in the bible, but is a bible to me. The book, "Jesus, My Autobiography", by Tina Louise Spalding, gives an abridged version of "A Course in Miracles" in addition to details of Jesus's very personal life, which the book is mostly about.`

Jesus channeled the teachings that were scribed by a process of inner dictation for both his autobiography, published 2014 and the course, published in the 70's by different people.

I was given the book, which sat on my desk for months. At first, I skimmed through to decide if I wanted to read it. I always read the titles first and start with what's most interesting to me.

I always read the titles first and start with what's most interesting to me. In this book, I went to the Q&A in the back. From there, I decided to jump in from the beginning and was amazed and have been hooked on Jesus's true teachings ever since.

Ms. Spalding wrote the book in the tone and understanding of the thought system of today. The spiritual, mystical and the physical are all addressed in the book, like the course. Both reveal a version of what Jesus was teaching back in his day, but has not been universally taught or understood, even today. Although the book does not advocate religion, it does redefine Christian biblical teachings.

Jesus's autobiography reveals astonishing things literally out of this world and about Jesus's personal life. Although I was interested in how Jesus's life might have been, I was most interested in how later in his life, he was able to do the things we call,"miraculous".

In this book, Ms. Spalding reveal how Jesus was able to do those miraculous things, including how he was able to appear alive again in human form after being murdered. For me, she solved the puzzle and give a perspective of Jesus unlike any one of us.I'm not about to give away details here. Do I believe it? Yes, why not?

In back of the book starting at, "Join the Love Revolution" is where I found the source for answers I had been seeking. I study the course, go back to the book for clarification, then I go back to the course teachings for more study.

Believe it or not and if nothing else, I assure you, you will be enlightened. If you have not joined the study, start with the book. Click Here to Get Your Copy Now. 

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